Why Use Cast Stainless Steel Impeller for Water Pump?

Water pump is a kind of machinery which uses the high speed rotation of impeller to transport liquid and pressurize liquid. So, pump is the most critical part in water pump. The material and quality of impeller has a great impact on the power of the entire pump. Therefore, when purchasing pumps, the material selection of pump impeller is also very important.

Why Use Cast Stainless Steel Impeller for Water Pump

According to the uses of different pump impellers, the cast materials are also varied. General common materials include cast iron impeller, cast stainless steel impeller, cast brass impeller, cast aluminum impeller and plastic impeller. While the most commonly applied environment of water pump is neutral liquid, of course, there are some special acid, alkali, oil, and health level of fluid materials.

Then, what kind of impeller material to choose after all more practical? Generally speaking, the user purchase pump is not all unilateral use. In order to better adapt to different environments, improve the utilization rate of the pump, and to ensure the use of the pump effect, CFS Stainless Steel Casting Company recommends the use of stainless steel impeller. The reasons are given in below:

  • First of all, the cost of stainless steel casting impeller is low, and the production is more easy to replace.
  • Secondly, the cast stainless steel impeller can better adapt to different complex environment, can play a multi-purpose pump effect.
  • Thirdly, cast stainless steel impeller is more resistant to corrosion than cast iron impeller, lower cost than brass impeller, more durable than plastic impeller. Furthermore, even after long time immersion in acid and alkali solution , the cast stainless steel impeller will not be corroded.
  • Lastly, with food grade stainless steel casting material, cast stainless steel impeller can even replace aluminum impeller to convey food sanitation level of fluid,

From above, we can see that stainless steel casting for impeller is the first choice for users to purchase water pump.

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