Why Choose Gravity Die Casting for Aluminum Parts?

Gravity die casting is one of the common aluminum casting methods to creat aluminum products with good quality. Here, the “good quality” mainly lies in “good strength, fewer air bulles, and smooth surface finish, etc”.

Why Choose Gravity Die Casting for Aluminum Parts


At CFS Foundry, we usually cast parts with super-strong A356 aluminium alloy. Compared to A380 aluminum alloy used in pressure die casting process, gravity die cast A356 alloy is around 10% stronger than pressure die cast A380. To prove this, we ever tested the strength of these two alloys in our lab.

Production Rates

The mold is permanent, and do not have to be remade each time. So gravity die casting can support high production rates of aluminum castings with one pair of mold only.

Weight Reduction

Thinner walls of aluminum parts are permitted due to the higher strength made from gravity die casting process.

Less Machining

Compared to sand casting process, gravity die casting provides closer dimensional tolerances of aluminum parts. Besides, the option of casting inserts such as studs, threaded steel inserts, nuts, bushings, and tubing into the casting minimize required machining, which will help to save machining cost eventually.

Smoother Surface Finish

Also compared with sand casting, aluminum parts made from gravity die casting can achieve smoother surface finish, typically 125 to 300 rms, reducing surface finishing cost.

Less Casting Defects

Gravity die cast aluminum parts are less susceptible to gas entrapment than sand cast and die cast aluminum parts. Besides, shrinkage resulting from the aluminum gravity die casting process assures a minimum of variation from the intended casting design.


Thankss to its finer grain structures, lowest possible gas porosity, and minimum shrinkage, aluminum parts made from gravity die casting process are the best for years of dependable service

Overall, gravity die casting is the best choice for all of your aluminum casting needs. This type process will provide you with a corrosion resistant, strong, attractive and cost effective aluminum product. If you have any interest in China aluminum gravity casting service, pls feel free to contact our foundry!

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