Why CFS Foundry for Stainless Steel Investment Casting?

Stainless Steel Investment Casting is the melting and pouring process of stainless steel into aluminum mould for required shape. With investment casting, the dimensional accuracy of stainless steel parts achieved is better than other casting methods. CFS Foundry is one of the largest stainless steel investment casting company in China. Stainless Steel Investment Casting Process in our foundry includes:

Why CFS Foundry for Stainless Steel Investment Casting

  • First a metal die is manufactured, normally in aluminum, to outline the geometry of the component. Thereafter the pattern is made by injecting liquid wax into the die.
  • The desired numbers of patterns are assembled by attaching the patterns to the sprue, making a replica of the casting.
  • Then a continuously dipping and stuccoing is performed until the desired thickness of the shell is achieved. Different slurries and stuccoing material is used during this sequence controlling the properties of the shell. Also, in the prime layer, some additional element can be added to aid nucleation.
  • Next step is to cure the shell. This is done after the wax is melted out from the tree in an autoclave to secure that all wax has been removed from the mould, which is subsequent cured to create a hard ceramic shell.
  • The mould is preheated to 1000-1250 ℃ before pouring. Pouring of steel is normally done at extra high temperatures.
  • After pouring and subsequent solidification and cooling, the shell and in-gate system is removed.
  • Final castings are removed to be cleaned and in most cases also heat treated in various ways to obtain proper mechanical properties.

Stainless Steel Grades

  • 300 Series Stainless Steel: 303, 304(L), 310, 316(L), etc.
  • 400 Series Stainless Steel: 410, 416, etc.
  • Stainless Steel:17-4 PH, 15-5 PH, etc.
  • Duplex Stainless Steel: 2205, 2207, etc.

Casting Capabilities

  • Size: Using lost wax investment casting process, we can cast stainless steel parts ranging from 0.05kg to 60kgs.
  • Complexity: Any complex and intricate stainless steel parts are available. What’s more, we can supply redesign service for free if there is any conflict on original design.
  • Low and High Volume: No matter it is low or high volume, CFS foundry is all able to meet our clients’ demands.

Value Added Services

  • Machining: To achieve higher surface finish and closer tolerance, post machining can be supplied in CFS Foundry. Machining in CFS can help to solve casting defect if any, also the cost is lower.
  • Shot & Sand Blasting: Shot blasting is the most common and cheapest way to clean the surface of stainless steel investment casting. Compared to shot blasting, sand blasting can make the surface of products smoother, but costs more.
  • Chemical & Mechanical Polishing: Chemical polishing for stainless steel investment refers to electropolishing, while mechanical polishing for stainless steel investment castings include: vibratory polishing or mirror polishing.


Stainless steel investment castings made in CFS Foundry are used for various applications in the following industries: Medical, Mining, Petrochemical, Agricultures / Food, Aerospace, Energy, Automotive, Military, Fire arms, Machine Tool.

Our Advantages Over Other Companies:

  • CFS Foundry is the end manufacturer of stainless steel investment castings, not trading company. Ordering from our company, our customers can enjoy great price advantages, also the lead time can be guaranteed.
  • The mould material used for stainless steel investment casting in our foundry is aircraft-grade aluminum, which will help to improve production effeciency and reduce rejection rate of products. While other companies use normal aluminum to save production cost.
  • All the staff in our company are strictly trained. Only skilled workers can work in CFS, which is critical to make qualified stainless steel investment castings.
  • Unlike small factories, all the stainless steel investment casting are 100% inspection before delivery, and related testing reports are provided.
  • Located in the second largest labor city in China, our customers can enjoy convenient waterway transportation.

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