Why Aluminum Casting in China?

Aluminum casting, as its name implies, is a type of metalworking process of aluminum alloys, that creats aluminum parts by pouring ofliquid metal into mold. Similar to stainless steel casting, aluminum casting only uses aluminum alloys as the liquid metal. Aluminum casting is an efficient manufacturing process make complex and detailed aluminum parts that are unavailable by aluminum forging or machining.

Why Aluminum Casting in China

Aluminum casting process starts from the heating of aluminum alloys to its liquid form, then poured into a mold to get solidified. The quality of the mold will directly affect the dimension accuracy and surface finish of the finished cast aluminum part, so there is a high requirement on the precision of the mold. The mold may propably be modified if the quality of innitial sample is not good as expected.

Similar to forged or machined aluminum components, cast aluminum parts have good strength and corrosion resistance as well. The main difference is that complex shape of aluminum casting part is allowed, while there is a shape limitation on aluminum forging or machining process. Once the casting process is complete, the aluminum castings quickly form an exterior layer of aluminum oxide that helps protect against corrosion.

Due to the good properties achieved by aluminum casting, it is always considered as the superior manufacturing process of some new designed aluminum parts. Aluminum casting is a custom manufacturing process under the help of mold, so it can make aluminum parts from simple to intricate.

What Makes Aluminum Casting in China Significant?

If you are familar with aluminum casting industry, you may know China is the largest manufacturing source of aluminum casting process, especially in Ningbo city. Here, there are lots of factories specialized in aluminum casting processes including aluminum die casting, aluminum gravity casting, aluminum sand casting, etc. You can select the proper aluminum casting manufacturing to suit your drawing’s specification.

According to China’s export statistics, China’s aluminum casting exports are increasing year by year. Even if during the pandemic, the demand for aluminum casting in China is growing. Then, why aluminum casting in China? What Makes it Significant?

Save Cost

Cost saving is the main reasion that attracts overseas companies to produce aluminum castings in China. Even if adding importing taxes and shipping cost, it still costs less than manufacturing in European and American countries.

Higher Quality Than Other Asian Countries

The quality of aluminum casting is China is same guaranteed as that made in European and American countries, because there is a long casting history in China, and the aluminum casting technology has been rather mature. Other Asian countries, such as India or Vietnam, although their prices are also competitive, but the quality is poor, which caused by the unmature casting technique and poor manufacturing equipments.

Convenient Transportation

Transportation is an important part of export aluminum castings. With many years’ exporting, the transportation of aluminum castings have been very convenient. Normally, there are several shipping methods for selection, including international express, air shipping and sea shipping. Due to the large exporting demands of Chinese goods, the shipping cost is affordable.

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