What is A Good Stainless Steel Casting Company in China?

Many companies from USA, UK, Canada, Australia, etc design their products with stainless steel. As lost wax stainless steel casting can customize make stainless steel products with any shape required. To make products with mininum cost, these overseas companies export from stainless steel casting company in China. At this time, choosing a right stainless steel casting supplier is very important. Since I have worked in stainless steel investment casting field for many years. I have contacted hundreds of large and small stainless steel casting manufacturers. Here is a summary of experience these years, and I will share it with you:

Which Kind of Stainless Steel Casting Manufacturer is Better?

What is a good stainless steel casting company in China
In this regard, individual feels that depending on situation, if you are single from factory scale, you will definitely choose the larger the better, because scale is big and powerful, and complete set is good! Size of scale also indirectly reflects high and low degree of choice by customers! On the other hand, the larger scale, the higher management cost, and price advantage will not be obvious. Price of a large foreign-funded stainless steel casting manufacturer is simply unacceptable, even beyond our offer to customers. Whether stainless steel casting supplier of your choice regards you as an important customer, that is, whether it is important to you, this is very important. In fact, looking for a supplier is like looking for an object, but also properly matched marriage.

If your own company is not strong, purchase volume is not big, blindly choose large-scale stainless steel casting manufacturer cooperation, sometimes it costs money to spend people not taking you as an important customer. At present many large stainless steel casting manufacturer are not responsible for small orders or are not responsible for this mentality because you can’t reach their requirements in terms of order amount or order quantity, it will give you feeling of taking a hot face to touch people’s cold butt! This metaphor may not be appropriate, but it is also more relevant and realistic.

In this case, most people will choose small and medium-sized china stainless steel casting factory. In fact, everyone in this industry is now doing this. After all, price of stainless steel castings is more acceptable, and it is a good deal for customers. But soon you will find that worrying thing is coming again. Can mold be completed on time and in good quality? What is mass production of casting mold? What is life of casting mold?

At this point, it is recommended that you pay attention to basic common sense, that is, you must choose stainless steel casting manufacturer with complete equipments, which is what we usually call “five complete” stainless steel casting manufacturer, that is, must have matching molding machining center, complete production equipments for stainless steel casting, three-dimensional, two-dimensional measuring instrument and other important equipment for stainless steel casting production and testing. This must be key to evaluation and final selection; because if there is no such equipment, this means that stainless steel casting supplier needs to look for outward processing in stainless steel casting manufacturing and production process.

There are three main adverse consequences: increase in cost of stainless steel casting manufacturing and increase in cost; Second, it will take time for stainless steel casting manufacturer to repeatedly communicate and coordinate transfer of workpiece during outsourcing process, which will lengthen cycle, and it is very easy to cause delay of lead time. Although relevant delay clauses will be indicated in purchase agreement or contract, once there is a delay, fines can’t make up for actual and long-term losses of company, which will make purchasers feel like they are sitting on needles every day.

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