Vacuum Titanium Plating: The Way to Color Stainless Steel Castings

When talking about the way to color stainless steel castings, titanium vacuum plating is recommended to our customers.

Vacuum titanium plating is an ideal surface color coating technique for stainless steel casting, which is operated under the condition of vacuum. With the arc discharge, cathode titanium target was used as the evaporation source, through the arc discharge between the titanium target and the anode, the titanium target is evaporated to form ion. The generated ions are moving onto the surface of stainless steel castings with a high speed, then depositing , then a titanium film formed on the surface.

How is the Color of Vacuum Titanium Plating Made?

Vacuum Titanium Plating-The Way to Color Stainless Steel Castings

In a titanium plating condition of high-vacuum and high-temperature, different colors can be plated on the surface of stainless steel castings by adding different gases. If N2 is added, the plated color is gold; if C2H2 is added, the color is black; when O2 is added, the color will be colored and blue; if N2 and C2H2 are added, the color will be rose gold. In the process of titanium plating for coloring stainless steel castings, the materials used are titanium and high-purity gas, which are all green and environmentally friendly materials. Since they are produced in a high-temperature vacuum environment, they will not produce any harmful substances, so the stainless steel castings plated are very safe and environmentally friendly. Therefore, various safety tests can be passed.

How Can a Strong Titanium Film be Plated?

A perfect equipment is required if you want to plate a solid titanium layer to color stainless steel castings. During the coating process, the vacuum system must work stably, and the furnace pressure maintaining should be in a good condition. If there is impurities mixed during the coating process, the color will be not perfect and even detitanium may occured. A good equipment can ensure high ionization rate of arc source, high ion density formed and has few large particles. The coated film has high smoothness and small friction coefficient. It is strong and not easily falling off while a poor equipment will lead to low ionization rate, rough and dull coating film and is easy to scratch off.

Titanium Plating Will Not Rust Stainless Steel Castings.

Titanium is a kind of anti-corrosion metal. At normal temperature, titanium can be safely dipped in a variety of strong acid and alkali solutions, even the most fierce acid-aqua regia (aqua regia: the solution of concentrated nitric acid and hydrochloric acid with the rato of three to one, it can dissolve gold) , so pls do not worry that the colored stainless steel castings will get rusted after vacuum titanium plating.

Note: After stainless steel casting, the products should be mirror polished before vacuum titanium plating. In other words, all mirror polished stainless steel castings can be colored by vacuum titanium plating. In CFS Foundry, coloured stainless steel castings (such as gold, rose gold, etc) can be ordered according to our customer’s requirement. If you have any inquiry on colored stainless steel castings, pls feel free to contact us.

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