Tungsten Tiled Agricultural Wear Parts

Agicultural wear parts are popularly applied replacement components served for agricultural machinery. Normally agricultural wear parts work in soil or rock environment, so wear resistance is the most important factor for such components. Due to advantages of investment casting, such as affordable tooling cost, short lead time, and competiitve prices, ect, investment casting is often used to make such agricultural wear parts. And proper heat treatment, typical is hardening and tempering, can help to add the hardness of agricultural wear parts, thus to improve the wear resistance.

Because of the severe working condition, even if cast agricultural wear parts with a certain hardness is not enough, the parts will be worn shortly. Kindly remind that we can not improve the hardness unboundedly, as too high hardness will make the parts fragile. So to longer the serving life of agricultural wear parts (tillage tools, harvesting tools), we can braze tungsten carbide or overlay tungsten to the cast body.

To serve our customers better, CFS foundry can do brazing directly in our factory, our professional brazing staff will know how to control the temperature when welding, and welding jigs will be made to maximize the accurancy of welding. So we can provide agricultural wear parts with tungsten tiled directly. Typical brazing heating processes used for welding such tungsten carbides are flame brazing & induction brazing.The tungsten carbide we frequently used are YG8 and YG11.YG8 is usually used for wear parts which used in the soft soil environment. YG11 is mostly used to be welded on investment castings that work in the rock/sand soil condition. By comparision, cost of YG11 is a bit higher for better wear resistance, and it is more widely used for mining wear parts.

There is no doubt that our foundry can make tungsten tiled agricultural wear parts with provided drawing. What’s more, we can also customize these wear parts from customer’s samples. Once receiving samples, before quotation, we will first need to seperate the tungsten carbide from cast body, otherwise, we have no way to check the connected area between cast body and carbides, which may be inserted into castings, not simply connected. Besides, the single tungsten carbide will also be measured for full dimensions, thus to calculate the cost of tungsten carbide accurately. So for a tungsten tiled agricultural wear parts, the unit price consists of investment casting cost, tungsten carbide cost and addtional machining & brazing cost.

Compared to other Chinese compaines who can provide tungsten tiled agricultural wear parts, our advantages are:

1. Direct manufacturer producing cast wear parts with tungsten brazed.

2. We have good tungsten carbide partner with the highest quality.

3. When brazing, temperature control is quite vital. Equipped with automatic brazing equipments and professional brazing technicists, we can achieve best working performance with longest working time, thus to save cost for our customers fundamentally.

Most importers from overseas companies are agricultural wear component dealers, agricultural equipment manufacturers and tungsten carbide sellers. As a top tungsten tiled agricultural wear parts, we always keep long term business relationship with our customers, not only because we can provide high quality products with competitive prices, but also our good reputation that we prove not to supply same parts to their competitors. If you also have such inquiry, pls do not hesistate to contact us. I believe you will feel lucky for our professional solution and service.