Tips on Buying Stainless Steel Castings from China Supplier

One of the constraints in stainless steel casting often is the fairly high cost than other steel castings. This high cost makes it difficult, or in some cases even impossible, for some companies to compete or justify developing many products utilizing stainless steel castings aesthetics and superior mechanical strengths.

However, if companies buy stainless steel casting from China suppliers, they can enjoy great price disaccount, much lower than from local suppliers. So more and more companies from UK, Canada, America, Australia, ect contact Chinese stainless steel foundry for their casting projects. Then what should you pay attention on during the whole purchasing process?

tips on buying stainless steel casting from china

Here We Share with Some Main Tips:

1. There are lots of ways to source stainless steel casting suppliers from China, such as google, b2b and even some trade shows. By comparision, google search engine is the most reliable way to find a stainless steel casting supplier by searching their websites. Once entering words stainless steel casting china or stainless steel casting supplier china, a list of company pages will be shown. Like CFS foundry, you can find our company page directly by this route.

2. Email is the best way to record the information between stainless steel casting supplier and buyer. When sending RFQ for stainless steel castings, keep in mind that all the information related to your part, such as material grade, quantity, surface treatment, ect, is clearly stated in your email or in the drawing. If no response from your potential supplier, remember to take a phone call in case they do not receive your email.

3. When evaluating all the quotations, it is not wise to select the stainless steel casting supplier, who offers the lowest price. As a Chinese Saying goes “You get what you pay for!” No companies will do business at a loss, and a certain profit is necessary for a company. You should consider a supplier more from their scales, skills, service, ect. In the long term, a reliable supplier can help you to produce lots of stainless steel cast parts in a more cost effective way, also the delivery will be timely.

4. Once your supplier is confirmed, remember to arrange payment according to the invoice asap, so that the company can schedule production right away. Also it is important to get agreement on payment terms before ordering, the most widely used payment terms in global trade is: 100% tooling cost and 30% payment of production with order, balance payment of production is paid upon your receipt of faxed B/L.

5. If you require machining of stainless steel castings, you should make it clear that whether the potential supplier have such machining capability. In China, lots of stainless steel casting suppliers focus their business on supplying stainless steel casting blanks only, and customers need to solve machining problem themselves, which will add extra cost and waste time. CFS foundry is the one stop shop for all stainless steel castings and post machining.

6. Inspection is also very vertical job. Before delivery, China suppliers should offer full inspection reports to you. And it is better for you to arrange a visit to the stainless steel casting factory directly if convenient. As even if there is any dimension error or other quality problem, the supplier can reproduce or revise the mistakes timely. This will help to reduce your loss effectively.

Of course, there are also some other points buyers should know. If you have any questions when you need stainless steel casting service from China, pls feel free to contact us! As stainless steel casting expert, we can provide a complete casting solution.

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