Stainless Steel Investment Casting of Door Hinges

Hinges are one of the common door hardwares used to attach a door to its frame, and are the pivot point for opening and closing the door. Whether you are replacing an old door or hanging a new one, hinges are an important part of the structure. They may all look somewhat similar , but there are many types of hinges for various applications.

Cast stainless steel is commonly used in producing security hinges for doors. This kind of material is preferred due to their great corrosive resistance to chemicals and oxidation for applications with chemicals and harsh solvents. Stainless steel also looks sleek and shiny whilst offering tremendous strength. Also, the material is compatible to several polishing, like satin or bright finish.

Stainless Steel Investment Casting for Door Hinges

Stainless Steel Investment Casting of Door Hinges

Investment casting, also named as lost wax casting, is one of the most used manufacturing methods to produce stainless steel hinges. During the process, the metal is melted and put into a mold so it can solidify into the determined form. After casting, finishing treatments are done to improve the aesthetic features of the hinge component.

Stainless steel investment casting can produce different shapes of hinges that would be difficult or impossible with other methods. It can also produce products with exceptional surface qualities and low tolerances with minimal surface finishing or machining required.

For any stainless steel hardwares, using stainless steel investment casting process when:

  • You need a highly accurate, intricate shape: Our stainless steel foundry achieve tolerances of CT5-CT6 level. For small dimensions, tolerances of CT4 are possible.
  • The part structure is difficult to fabricate or machine: A variety of stainless steel alloys are great for casting, including 304, 304L, 316, 316L, 17-4 ph, 2205, etc.
  • You need a part you can’t manufacture using traditional techniques: Steel steel investment casting is ideal, for instance, when making airplane components or complex turbine blades that must withstand extreme temperatures and conditions.
  • Creating safety-critical applications: Because of the great accuracy awarded by investment casting, many of ours are used in critical automotive applications in which we must carefully control malleability, tensile strength and metallurgy.

Contact CFS Foundry for Custom SS Door Hinges

CFS Foundry is a reliable Chinese manufacturer specializing in custom stainless steel investment casting process for all designs including door hinges. You can have the door hinges manufactured according to your specifications. We can offer and export products at lower prices than you would get domestically. We work with our customers closely to ensure that the products are of the highest quality.

Why Us?

  • We are a leading China stainless steel foundry with industry recognised accreditations supplying major OEMs globally.
  • We have nearly 30 years experience in delivering quality components at competitive prices.
  • We have modern facilities with the latest technology for producing the most complex parts.
  • We have a friendly, experienced, knowledgable team, that give each project & customer support and advice throughout the project.
  • Due to our experience we can offer investment casting at very competitive prices.
  • We offer additional services such as machining, treatments and surface finishing.
  • We can provide an on-site stock holding facility to our customers.
  • We have modern offices and meeting rooms for our customers to visit and discuss their project requirements.


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