Stainless Steel Investment Casting for Meat Grinder Parts

Meat grinder, also called meat mincer, is a kitchen appliance for fine chopping (‘mincing’) and/or mixing of raw or cooked meat, fish, vegetables or similar food. With meat grinder, we can fastly grind the metal as small as we like, which is very convenient for housing life. Just wash the meat cleanly and put it into the mouse of grinder body, then shake the handle for working. But, you may ask how the metal grinder is produced? Like other food machinery machines, metal grinder are an assembled machine which is made up of several small components, inculding grinder body, bushing, auger, cutting knife, grinding plate, locknut, handle and handle screw.

meat grinder parts

Above is a picture showing the components that consist of a complete set of meat grinder. The whole set machine is all made in stainless steel, but in different production technique. Among these components, many are made in our silica sol precision casting process, such as grinder body, auger, cutting knife, grinding plate, etc. Material grade of these investment casting metal grinder parts is 304 stainless steel or 420 stainless steel. Compared with the other process, it features the high intensity, strength, and long service life.

Why Stainless Steel Investment Casting for Metal Grinder Parts?

1) With investment casting, the size accuracy will be CT5-6, which will be very precise.

2) Stainless steel material will help to prevent metal grinder parts from rusting, and the corrosion resistance is also good.

3) After casting, we can do mirror polishing for better surface finish.

Investment Casting Manufacturer for Metal Grinder Parts

CFS foundry is one of the largest investment casting manufacturer in China. So we have good capabilities to supply custom metal grinder parts in silica sol investment casting. Besides metal grinder parts, we can also offer other precision castings for food machinery accessories. If you are looking for stainless steel casting service in China, pls feel free to contact us!

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