Stainless Steel Investment Casting For Feed Auger

About Feed Auger

The feed auger is being used in a calf feeder, to convey pallets, palm kernel, magnesium oxide, molasses and magnesium sulphate. The feed auger is normally designed in 304 stainless steel grade and has to be made by lost wax investment casting for its complex shape. Using 304 stainless steel is a smart choice for manufacturing feed auger project and longevity. It is cost-effective in comparison to other materials. Its high quality and durability ensures that feed auger lasts a long time and suitable for calf feeder use.

Stainless Steel Casting for Feed Auger

Before casting feed auger, the design must be confirmed between designer and stainless steel investment casting manufacturer. Due to the complex structure of feed auger, the straightness and concentricity should be highly paid attention to. After confirming the design, it is ready to arrange production. The first preparing job to cast feed auger is mould making. In CFS Foundry, we select superior aircraft-grade aluminum as mould material, which will be able to longer the serving life of mould and cast feed augers in large volume. The production of feed auger is actually a stainless steel investment casting process that melting solid stainless steel ingots into liquid status, then pouring molten stainless steel into mould, in the condition of rapid solidification, the feed auger will be formed.

Why Stainless Steel Investment Casting for Feed Auger?

There are a number of different methods available for stainless steel products manufacturing, you may doubt why stainless steel investment casting is the best option. Here we share the stainless steel investment casting advantages of feed auger in below:

Reduced machining time: As the auger is connected at the drive end and basically sits on the hopper trough, and stainless steel investment casting can produce feed auger in near net shape so there will be only 2 post machining requirements, a thread at one end and a faced off square drive at the other. The square drive has to fit a socket. This saves money in the long run as it cuts back on the time of the overall manufacturing process.

Custom Service: Typically, investment casting is a custom metal forming process. This gives customers the option to make customized feed auger in different types to meet various applications. And no matter it is large or small volume, CFS Stainless Steel Foundry can all meet our client’s demand.

Improved quality: Perhaps the biggest advantage is that these molds are created with a high attention to detail which means that the final feed auger is of the utmost quality. This in turn improves the strength of the stainless steel feed auger.

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