Stainless Steel Investment Casting for Door Hardwares

About Stainless Steel Investment Casting

Investment casting is a modern precision casting method compared with traditional casting technology. With investment casting, we can obtain relatively complex shape with higher accuracy, so most stainless steel components are made from investment casting.

Stainless steel investment casting process: making a pattern or model with wax, coating it with a layer of clay and other refractory materials, heating the wax to melt and flow out, so as to get the empty shell formed by the refractory materials, and then pouring stainless steel into the empty shell after melting, and knocking the refractory materials to get stainless steel raw castings. Of course, sometimes, finished stainless steel products still need some post treatments, such as heat treatment, extra machining or some surface treatments.

Stainless Steel Investment Casting for Door Hardwares

Stainless steel casting for door hardwares

stainless steel investment casting for door hardwares

We all know that door hardware shall have the features of antirust and durable, so most door hardware manufacturers will select stainless steel as the material. Combining the advantages of investment casting, door hardwares are normally made by stainless steel investment casting. The biggest advantage of stainless steel investment casting for door hardwares is that, stainless steel investment casting can make all types and shapes of door hardwares. Secondly, investment casting is the most precise casting method, which can help to achieve good surface finish and dimensional accuracy, and save or avoid extra machining.

CFS Foundry has been in stainless steel investment casting field for more than 20 years. Our stainless steel investment casting products cover: door hardwares, horse stirrups, valves, pipe fittings, glass fittings, etc. Our stainless steel foundry provides complete stainless steel investment casting, machining, and assembly services for door hardware and lock OEMs serving the commercial, industrial, and municipal markets. Our skills and experience allow us to produce custom hardware and lock castings that match our customers’ exact design specifications. From the design stage through polishing and finishing, we offer complete solutions for your hardware and lock casting needs. Cast stainles steel door hardwares available in our foundry include:

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