Stainless Steel Casting Price in China

Stainless steel casting is regarded as the silica sol investment casting process in China. Many customers have asked me this question: what is the price of stainless steel casting? Is it expensive?

Stainless Steel Casting Price in China

First, as a buyer, you need to understand what stainless steel casting is. The silica sol investment casting method to creat stainless steel parts is simply to copy the object to be cast with wax, then immerse it in a pool containing sand and let it dry, so that the wax replica is covered with a layer of sand film. The steps are repeated until the outside film is sufficient to support the casting process. Then the wax in the mold is melted and the mold is drawn away. After that, the mold needs to be heated many times to increase the hardness before it can be used for casting. This method has good accuracy, but because the price of sand/powder is quite high, and the production requires multiple heating and complicated, the cost is quite expensive.

The surface roughness of cast stainless steel parts by this process can reach Ra3.2-6.3. Because the casting blank is almost shaped, it achieves the purpose of avoiding mechanical processing or a small amount of processing, reducing the cost and reducing the production time to a certain extent. After understanding the stainless steel casting process, let’s talk about the stainless steel casting price in China.

Factors Affect Stainless Steel Casting Price

1. Weight
After receiving a drawing for quoting, the engineer will always calculate the weight of the part, because weight is the most direct factor that will affect the price of stainless steel casting. Normally, the greater the weight, the higher the price. But when the weight is less than 1kg, the price has to be calculated by piece.

2. Part Structure
When evaluating a cast stainless steel part, it is important to check the part structure over and over again, thus to confirm the shape is feasible to be cast out. If the structure is complicated, the manufacturer has to consider the possible injection rate during mass production process, and the price need to be slight higher.

3. Cast Alloy
When calculating the price of stainless steel casting, it is necessary to make the cast alloy clear. In general, various cast stainless steel grades can be considered to cast the part. And the price of each stainless steel grade is different. Normally, 316 stainless steel is more expenive 304 stainless steel.

4. Quantity
Quantity is also a factor to affect stainless steel casting price. Usually, a MOQ 1,000pcs is required to start the manufacturing process. If the quantity is large, a discount can be asked from the stainless steel foundry.

Stainless Steel Casting Price In China

If you want to find a professional stainless steel foundry to produce castings for you, then the stainless steel casting manufacturers in china is your most worthy of your consideration. A client from United States said: I did not expect China’s manufacturing industry to develop so amazingly. The stainless steel investment casting technology from CFS is so professional. The quality of the cast stainless steel parts fully met my expectations, and even better. Doing business in China will make you a lot happier!

In recent years, CFS Stainless steel foundry is more busy on exporting business. Then, why stainless steel casting in China?

1. Lower cost
The biggest advantage of choosing a Chinese stainless steel casting factory is that it can reduce costs and increase its own business profits. This is important because it allows you to beat your competitors and better capture the market to win more orders. This is also one of the main reasons why more and more customers turn their orders to CFS.

2. Rapid production and delivery
Due to policy reasons, overseas foundries have been greatly restricted in terms of production efficiency and delivery time. However, because of its population advantage, China can control the timing issue very well. It can produce stainless steel casting products faster and more efficiently and complete delivery. Reduce your waiting time.

3. Complete supply chain system
China is known as the factory in the world, with a complete supply chain system. Whether it is from the acquisition of raw materials, transportation, and after-sales at the time of delivery. Chinese stainless steel casting companies are able to fully control the normal operation of each link.

Stainless Steel Casting Price List

SS Grade Kg Price
304 $8.87 usd
304L $9.36usd
316 $9.68 usd
316L $10 usd
17-4 PH $10.97 usd
2205 $11.3 usd

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