Stainless Steel Casting & Polishing for Boat Deck Drains

Boat Deck Drain is also one of the common boat plumbing fittings for marine application. Like other cast stainless steel boat hardwares, the boat deck drain is also investment cast in 316 stainless steel. Marine grade 316 stainless steel can help boat deck drains to achieve maximum corrosion resistance and durability in the saltwater environment. And the cast boat deck drains will have a beautiful, mirror-like finish after mirror polishing.

Stainless Steel Casting & Polishing for Boat Deck Drains

Manufacturing Process: Stainless Steel Casting

Before deciding a proper casting method, you should well understand the right casting method for different types of metal parts. For small and medium stainless steel castings, the casting process is investment casting, and sand casting is for large stainless steel parts. While for complex aluminum castings, gravity die casting or pressure die casting is selected. So, due to its small sizes, stainless steel investment casting is the right casting method for boat deck drains.

Creating a boat deck drain using stainless steel casting process is typically a time-consuming process where a wax model is first made and then repeatedly dipped into liquid ceramic. The ceramic hardens and then the wax is melted out leaving you with a ceramic mold. Molten stainless steel is then poured into the ceramic cavity where the wax once was. Once the stainless steel solidifies, the ceramic mold is broken and removed leaving the boat deck drain castings. The mold used to create the wax pattern can be used many times however the ceramic mold is broken and discarded with each part.

By stainless steel investment casting method, the features of boat deck drains are: high size accuracy, smooth surface finish and affordable price. So, this casting type is suitable for most of the marine boat parts and other stainless steel hardwares.

Surface Finish: Mirror Polishing

Mirror polishing is the value added service available in CFS Foundry. It is the common surface finishing method in our daily life, you can see this surface finish from stainless steel bathroom hardwares. Mirror polishing of boat deck drains is only limited to the lids, while for other areas, just keep the shot blasted finish.

Mirror polishing of boat deck drains is a mechanical polishing process, while workers hold the cast boat deck drains and polish each part on the polishing machine carefully. Compared to other surface finishing methods, the cost of mirror polishing is more expensive, but the surface finishing effect is much better.

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