Stainless Steel Casting of Rod Anchor (Fork Head) for Tension Rod System

What is Rod Anchor?

Tension Rod System is an aesthetically pleasing method of providing bracing or structural support for a wide variety of architectural, structural and civil applications.

Stainless Steel Tension Rod System

Rod anchors, are used to connect tension rods to gusset plates. The rod anchors are made of stainless steel by investment casting method. In more common parlance, such components are sometimes referred to as fork heads, fork-end connectors, heads, forks, eyes etc.

The rod anchors represent the successful reconciliation of stringent requirements in terms of safety, performance and formal design. Tracing the lines of force, the contours of the filigree castings merge almost seamlessly with those of the tension rods.

From a manufacturing point of view, rod anchors are classed as “mouldings” on account of their complex geometry. For the rod anchors, stainless steel investment casting offers the most efficient fabrication method.

Stainless Steel Casting of Rod Anchor (Fork Head) for Tension Rod System

Stainless Steel Casting of Rod Anchor for Tension Rod System

Tension Rod Systems in stainless steel are typically used in applications where a high resistance to corrosion is necessary, or where a polished finish is preferred. Due to the complex shapes of rod anchors, stainless steel casting can make rod anchors in different dimensions. CFS Foundry is the professional stainless steel foundry for custom stainless steel investment castings in various applications. Our company in China can make rod anchors with the most precise stainless steel casting method, and can also supply extra surface treatments in below:

Satin Polished: A grainy, matt finish. Often used in architectural applications for its unobtrusive & minimalist appearance. Better suited to internal non-corrosive environments.

Electropolished: The most cost effective stainless steel finish, providing a high level of corrosion protection and light aesthetics. The process results in the simultaneous smoothing, levelling and brightening of stainless steel. It selectively removes surface flaws, embedded impurities and high points in the surface layer.

Bright Polished: The smoothest, shiniest finish providing an improved level of corrosion protection.

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