316 Stainless Steel Casting of LED Deck Step Light Cover

The inground deck step lights are ideal for edging and highlighting areas of the garden such as decking, steps, and patio areas. It can be mounted directly into the ground, or into materials including wood, brick, slabs and walls.

LED Deck Step Light Cover

The front conver, commonly in 2 way and 4 way, is a critical component of the inground deck step light. It is usually investment cast from 316 stainless steel, which is durable with a strong resistance to pitting and rusting.

CFS Foundry has rich experience in producing cast stainless steel front conver for the inground deck step light.

Material: Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel

CFS Foundry offers custom service for high quality stainless steel outdoor deck step light covers in many different designs, many of which are Marine Grade Stainless Steel (316).

The primary differentiator is in grade 316’s material composition:

  • 16% chromium
  • 10% nickel
  • 2% molybdenum

The increased nickel content and the inclusion of molybdenum makes marine grade 316 stainless steel a bit costlier than 304 stainless steel. But where grade 316 stainless proves superior is its increased corrosion resistance—particularly against chlorides and chlorinated solutions. This makes grade 316 stainless particularly desirable for applications where exposure to salt or other powerful corrosives is an issue.

Therefore, 316 stainless steel is a popular choice for outdoor environments due to its greater resistance to pitting corrosion which some lower grades may be affected by. It is also an insulator of electricity and heat which is required for outdoor lighting to ensure fittings are safe and effective. It is a very durable material which is easy to maintain.

Manufacturing Process: Stainless Steel Investment Casting

316 Stainless Steel Casting of LED Deck Step Light Cover

Stainless steel investment casting is a lost wax casting method for creating stainless steel deck step light cover. The stainless steel investment casting process include:

  • Design and make the mold with two halves, whose cavity is the eaxct shape of light covers.
  • Once the mold is ready, inject wax into mold for solification, then take the wax patterns from the mold and fix them one by one.
  • Coat the wax patterns with sand and slurry several times to form a protective and hard shell.
  • Heat the shell to melt the inside wax to achieve a hollow cavity.
  • Pour liquid stainless steel to full fill the cavity, after solification, vibrate the shell and cut off the pieces one by one.
  • Grind the sprue gate and shot blasting the blanks to achieve net shaped light covers.

Advantages of investment cast deck step light covers are:

  • The mould can be recycled and has a service life of tens of thousands of pieces.
  • High dimensional precision with good surface finish.
  • No need for secondary machining, which help to save cost.
  • Both two way and 4 way deck step light covers can be produced.

Contact CFS For Cast Stainless Steel Deck Step Light Covers

CFS Foundry is a leading stainless steel foundry in China. Since 2001, we have been providing stainless steel investment casting services to overseas countries such as USA, UK, Australia, South Africa, Canada, etc.

After years of efforts, we have become an experienced and powerful manufacturer for cast stainless steel light parts . Through automated lost wax investment casting process, we can customize stainless steel parts for various industries, such as outdoor & indoor lighting castings, marine hardwares castings, valve castings, and other industrial applications.

When you need investment casting solutions for stainless steel deck step light cover or other components, please feel free to contact us.

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