Stainless Steel Casting for Turbine Housing

The turbine housing is the housing that covers the turbine and directs the exhaust gasses into the turbine wheel. The turbine housing is one of the most crucial parts of the turbo-charger, to determine how the turbo will peform. CFS Foundry acts as the OEM stainless steel casting supplier for turbine housings.

Stainless Steel Investment Casting for Turbine Housing

Stainless Steel Casting for Turbine Housing

Stainless Steel Investment Casting for Turbine Housing

Stainless steel casting in CFS Foundry is an excellent lost wax investment casting process. It is widely used to cast all complex stainless steel products, comparing with other casting methods, stainless steel investment casting for turbine housing can achieve higher dimensional accuracy and better surface quality. What’s more, this casting method can not only meet large production run, but also ensure the consistency of cast turbine housings.

Features of Turbine Housing by Stainless Steel Casting

  • High dimensional accuracy with general liner tolerance CT5-6 level.
  • Good surface finish with Ra6.4.
  • Less machining is require after casting, which can save both machining time and cost

Tips on Ordering Turbine Housings from Stainless Steel Casting Companies

1) For such turbine housings, there are all customized according to customer’s drawings or samples. So, before sending RFQs, the purchasing companies should make the pdf drawing ready, and make sure all critical dimensions and tolerances are clearly marked in the drawing. And due to its complex shape, it is better to send 3d file either in stp or igs file, thus stainless steel casting manufacturers can check each dimensions clearly.

2) Due to the multi choices of stainless steel grades, it is necessary to tell the manufacturers which stainless steel grade would be cast. Normally, the Nickel content of stainless steel material will affect the casting price.

3) For stainless steel turbine housings to be cast, make sure the casting method used in the potential supplier is stainless steel investment casting, not sand casting. Only investment casting can provide higher dimensional accuracy and surface finish.

4) If you want to purchase finished turbine housings, it is better to supply both casting and finished drawings to suppliers. Meanwhile, make it clear that the stainless steel casting supplier can offer machining service either in house or outsourcing.

As a leading Chinese stainless steel investment casting manufacturer and exporter, CFS foundry has developped multi types of cast or finished turbine housings for our customers from USA, UK, Canada, France, etc. By working closely with our customers, they are always satisfied with our qualified products. Looking for a competitive supplier for your turbine housing project, pls feel free to contact us!

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  1. Hello we are a French company doing turbocharger reman and we are looking for turbine housing for turbo 49377-07313 = 8200861194. Turbine housing P/N is 49377-13823 or 49377-13833 (Renault Megane RS application). Do you have it ? Please quote 50 or 100pces if possible. Best regards, jerome.

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