Stainless Steel Casting for Sculpture Parts

Materials of Sculpture Parts

304 Stainless Steel Casting: It can resist corrosion in ordinary environment.

316 Stainless Steel Casting: High corrosion performs even in salty water.

Stainless Steel Casting for Sculpture Parts

Stainless Steel Casting Process for Sculpture Parts

Silica sol casting process is always used for stainless steel castings.

Silica sol casting is a typical investment casting process for stainless steel parts. The main process of silica sol casting is mould desigh & making–wax making–tree assembling–dewax–pouring–grinding-heatment-inspection-package.

Below are the advantages of silica sol castings:

  • As the wax mold size of silica sol casting is accurate and the surface is smooth, otherwise,the mold is without parting surface, so the casting parts have a high dimensional accuracy and small surface roughness.The accuracy could reach IT4 level and the surface roughness is Ra6.3 which can reduce the machining allowance or obtain the finished parts
  • As the dimension accuracy is high, so there is no need to machining for some sections, which will save much machining costs and time.
  • Beside stainless steels, silica sol casting process is also used for casting bronze sculpture parts.
  • From single piece to mass production,there’s no limit to production batch for sculpture parts.

Polishing for Stainless Steel Cast Sculpture Parts

Almost all the sculpture parts will be polished after casting for better surface finish. Polishing is the most important surface treatment for sculpture parts. With polishing, the surface of sculpture parts will be much more smooth and bright. Surface roughness can reach Ra0.63-0.01. Surface roughness of finish polishing even reach Ra0.01max. Usually used polishing methonds are mirror polishing and electrochemical polishing.

Mirror polishing: A mirror finish after polishing. Mirror polished stainless steel sculptures are very popular in modern public art due to their attractive finishing and flexible fabrication.
Electrochemical polishing: A chemical method to achieve shining surface.

Tips to Achieve Good Quality Sculpture Parts in Stainless Steel Casting

CFS foundry has been working hard to test different approaches to achieve high quality Sculpture Parts in Stainless Steel Casting. According to our rich experience in casting Sculpture Parts, below tips are concluded:

Tip 1: Select right casting process

Silica sol casting is a wise choice to cast stainless steel sculpture parts. But it is only limited to small sizes less than 60kg. For large sculpture parts, other casting processes are recommended.

Tip 2: Control polishing temperature

Polishing process will generate large amounts of heat, which may burn the surface of sculpture parts and lower the surface polishing quality. So it is very important to control the temperature when polishing. We can use fan or water cooling system to decrease the temperature when polishing.

Tip 3: Choose proper polishing tool

Polishing is the way to make shining surface. No matter what kind of polishing method it is, it is quite important to complete polishing in several steps and confirm the surface polishing requirement with customers carefully.

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