Stainless Steel Casting for Filtration Equipments

Filtration is a core technology that we utilize in many applications to remove a wide range of constituents. From multimedia to activated carbon to calcite, we have the media options and expertise to effectively and efficiently treat your water stream.

There are lots of company producing filtration equipments for maximizing production safety, quality, reliability and efficiency in liquid purification and process industries while serving to protect the environment.

Stainless Steel Castings are used to produce complex stainless steel components for filtration equipments. With our modern lost wax investment casting technique, CFS foundry can cast stainless steel castings with a wide selection of alloys and surface treatments.

Our Stainless Steel Casting Process

Stainless steel casting for filtration equipments

In a filtration equipment, there are several stainless steel components to cast, including Lid, Mating Flange, Hold Bracket, Clevis, Outlet Assy, Coupling Weld, Coupling Inlet. Of course, there are also other metal and plastic components assembled in the equiment. To manufacture these stainless steel cast filtration components, there are several steps to finish:

Mould & Wax Model

Following the finished drawings of these cast components, our engineer will first design the casting drawings based on minimize post machining operations for our customers. So for the sections that will be machined, proper machining allowance is needed. Of course, we will first send 3d files of casting blanks to our customer for approval. Once getting agreement with our customer, mould of each component will be first designed and machined.Once finishing the moulds, wax will be used to inject the mould to form the wax models, whose dimensions are the same as final stainless steel castings.

Casting, Heat Treatment & Surface Finish

Next, dipping the wax models into ceramic shell. Then heating them into furnace to form a hollow shell mold. Pouring liquid stainless steel into mold, and cooling for a while. Then break the molds for solid casting blanks, and cut pouring gate. Here we can see stainless steel castings completed. For machining consideration, soution treatment is operated to improve its properties. Finally, to remove mill scales and smooth the surface, a series of surface treatment such as shot blasting, buffing can be selected.

Why Stainless Steel Casting for Filtration Equipments?

One of the most valuable assets of stainless steel casting is its resistance to corrosion. Lower grades of stainless steel can withstand corrosion in water environments and basic atmospheric conditions. And higher grades of stainless steel can withstand corrosion caused by acid and alkaline solutions.

Lost wax casting allows stainless steel components for filtration equipments in a variety of shapes. Also filtration euipments components made from stainless steel casting are more cost saving than other metal forming processes, such as forging. From mold making for each geometric details to excellent semi-automotive casting process controlled by computer, stainless steel castings made for filtration equipments will achieve great consistency with high quality. Also, stainless steel casting can start from small production runs.

In a word, stainless steel casting is an efficient option for filtration equipment components. This process can continue to cast these parts on a regular basis to hold inventory between minimum and maximum levels, ensuring the parts are available to the customer on a regular basis timely.

Why CFS Foundry?

Quality: Under the support of our advanced production process and strongth technical team, CFS foundry is always supplying high quality stainless steel investment castings to our customers around the world. Before delivering each batch of products, we will first send related testing reports to our customers for approval.
Service: From quotation, ordering, final delivery, we alway put our customer as the first position and consider everything for our customer, so that they can feel our sincerity and impressed service.
Latest Technology: Our latest stainless steel casting technology is reflected in semi-automatic wax presses, 100% robotic shelling, an exclusive high speed infrared shell drying tunnel as well as 3D modeling capabilities, which can meet our customer’s exacting requirements. In addition, with in house tooling room and multiple stainless steel casting processes; we have a very successful track record to supply stainless steel castings.
Convenient Delivery: Ningbo is the second largest seaport in China. By the convenient sea shipment, our stainless steel foundry is the preferred choice to develop stainless steel castings for filtration equipments. Our customers can enjoy lots of cost saving in shipment for our geographical advantage.

Contact us if you have RFQs on stainless steel castings for filtration equipments or other industries.

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