Stainless Steel Casting for Exhaust Transition Body

The exhaust transition body is connected to a valve that controls the pressure to the turbocharger in the aircraft engine. The stainless steel exhaust transition body was previously machined from a solid block of stainless steel because volumes were low and the end-user assumed this process would save on delivery time and tooling costs. This is a common misconception with the stainless steel casting process, but a misunderstood one.

Once volumes of the part began to increase and become steady, our customer made the decision to switch to the stainless steel casting process. The end-user had originally specified on their original drawing to investment cast the part as it was the perfect fit.

Stainless Steel Casting for Exhaust Transition Body

Stainless steel casting in CFS Foundry is an investment casting process which provides accuracy with a high degree of design flexibility and allows for complex designs with intricate features. The stainless steel investment casting process provides superb surface finish which allows customers to better manage production costs with little to no machining required.

CFS Foundry received an RFQ for pricing and tooling charges, responding immediately as this was a familiar type of part. It was the last one in a series of cast parts for turbo exhaust systems we were already manufacturing for this same customer.

The customer instantly placed their first order as pricing alone offered a 92% discount from their previous method. Additionally, tooling charges were recovered in the first order.

Finally, our customer saved over 90% of their costs when they converted their aircraft exhaust part from a billet to cast stainles steel one.

CFS Foundry offers a one-stop shop with an in-house tool room staffed with skilled, knowledgeable tool makers who provide tooling in a short time frame and are available for necessary adjustments during the process. Additionally, if machining is required on projects, we can machine on-site by highly trained, experienced machinists.

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