Stainless Steel Casting Boat Propeller

A stainless steel propeller is always used in a boat. A propeller is usually designed with two to five blades (though sometimes more). In the first instance, the number of blades is decided by the weight of the vessel: the greater the weight, the greater the blade area required to push it through the water with a minimum of slip and cavitation.

Stainless Steel Casting Boat Propeller

The quality of propeller affects every aspect of your boat’s performance: acceleration, handling, ride, turning, fuel efficiency and top speed. Stainless-steel propellers are far more durable. They will last virtually forever, unless you strike something hard enough to cause damage. So you could end up buying two or three aluminum “wheels” when one made of stainless-steel would have lasted at least as long.

Currently, the most cost saving method to produce stainless steel boat propeller is investment casting process. From 2-blade weedless, 3-blade MP and 6-blade precision cast propellers, we provide a wide selection of stainless steel grades to boat propeller investment casting. The lost wax investment casting method in CFS Foundry can creat high quality propellers, which are durable and precise. Our stainless steel foundry even performs polishing from a rough surface to a mirror finish. CFS Foundry manufactures propellers designed for a huge variety of applications. If we are confused at your design, CFS can redesign for you combing our rich experience on stainless steel investment casting. Before moving on mass production, we can even provide samples in both 316L and 2205 duplex stainless steel for your testing.

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