Stainless Steel Casting & Polishing for Marine Cross Bollard

Marine cross bollard is a fixed structure with one or two bollards fixed to the deck for fastening and operating cables. Marine cross bollards are a simple and cost-effective way to fulfill mooring requirements and safely secure vessels alongside jetties, berths, wharves, and dolphins in ports and harbors. CFS Foundry provides stainless steel casting and polishing service for marind cross bollards with a range of sizes to suit different mooring applications. According to the shapes of marine cross bollards, they can be classified into single cross bollard and double cross bollard.

Stainless Steel Casting and Polishing for Marine Cross Bollard

Material: Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel

Marine grade 316 stainless steel for casting marine cross bollards is similar to Grade 304 with one notable exception. As well as chromium and nickel, Marine grade 316 also contains 2% to 3% of molybdenum, a hard, silver white metallic element used to toughen steels and increase corrosion-resistance in nickel alloys.

The addition of this ingredient gives Marine grade 316 cross bollard superior corrosion resistance to other chromium-nickel steels when exposed to chemical corrosives such as seawater and brine solutions. Like Grade 304, it is also durable, easy to fabricate, clean, weld and finish, but unlike Grade 304, it provides greater protection from salt spray and brine.

Marine grade 316 is also much more resistant to solutions of sulfuric acid, chlorides, bromides, iodides, and fatty acids at high temperature and is commonly used in industrial applications involving chemical processing. Due to its non-reactive qualities, it is also used in the manufacture of medical surgical instruments and in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals where excessive metallic contamination must be avoided.

Stainless Steel Casting Method: Investment Casting

The casting method selected in CFS Foundry for manufacturing stainless steel marine cross bollards is investment casting, which is the most accurate casting method in China. Due to its advantages of investment casting, it has been widely used to produce stainless steel components for marine applications, such as marine fittings, marine bollards, ect. Marine corross bollard, as the popular part used in marine industry, is also designed and produced by investment casting. The advantages of stainless steel investment casting for single or double marine cross bollards are given below:

  • All shapes of cross bollards are available by investment casting, which are difficult by forging method.
  • Very close tolerances and excellent surface finish can be obtained.
  • Ready for use with little or nomachining required.
  • No flash or parting lines.
  • Suit for producing cast stainless steel cross bollards in both small and large volumes.

Surface Finish: Mirror Polishing

Mirror polishing is a kind of mechanical polishing method that will be able to make the surface of cast stainless steel marine cross bollards smooth and shiny. This type of polishing involves several polishing procedures, which is operated by hand step by step. So, compared with electropolished stainless steel castings, mirror polishing will cost more money and time, but the surface finish is the best. CFS Foundry can supply both investment casting and mirror polishing services for our customers, which will make our prices more competitive than other stainless steel casting companies in China.

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