Stainless Steel Casting and Polishing for Cookware Handles

Cookware products are becoming an important element of our daily lives during this unique period of time. Cookware handles are the common replacements used in the kitchen. To be corrosion resistant and rust resistant, the cookware handles are generally designed and produced by investment casting process in stainless steel.

“We are looking to find a manufacturing partner for stainless steel cookware handles. We have 13 different shapes. We require 304SS with a buffed or polished finish. MOQ per part would likely be 1K+ per part. Please let me know if your company has the capabilities to produce this type of product affordably at scale. ”One day, a US customer contacted our company for their source of stainless steel cookware handles. There is no doubt that our stainless steel investment casting process can fulfill his demands.

Why Stainless Steel Casting for Cookware Handles?

Then, what is stainless steel investment casting? How can stainless steel casting produce cookware handles? Stainless steel investment casting is actually a silica sol investment casting process, which is able to cast stainless steel parts with intricate shapes, good size accuracy and smooth surface finish. This type of manufacturing process can produce small to medium stainless steel components ranging from 0.05kg-60kgs. According to the structure and dimensions of stainless steel cookware handles, all types can be investment cast with high quality guaranteed.

With stainless steel casting, less defects will be occured, and it suits for both small and large production runs. In other words, if you want to get a high quality cookware handle, stainless steel casting is the most ideal manufaturing method. But as the material cost and manufacturing cost of stainless steel cookware handles are relatively high, today many buyers still tend to prefer an immediate saving in cost and don’t consider the product’s actual features and attributes. As a result, they find themselves cooking with handles that can deteriorates very quickly, and that can even be harmful to their health. It is also important to note that pots and pans with high-quality handles are dishwasher safe and can even be sanitized at high temperatures for optimal cleaning.

Surface Finish: Mirror Polishing

Mirror Polishing in CFS Foundry

Mirror polishing is a mechanical polishing process, which is always used for stainless steel castings to improve the surface finish . Mirror polishing of cast stainless steel cookware handles can achieve a smooth, shiny mirror-like surface. But as mirror polishing involves several polishing processes, and is a hand polished process, the cost is relatively high.

As a professional stainless steel foundry, CFS can supply OEM stainless steel casting and mirror polishing services. Besides stainless steel cookware handles, we can also cast other stainless steel cookwares, such as stainless steel skillets (including pans and lids). Any inquiry on cast stainless steel cookware handles or other components, pls feel free to contact us!

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