How to Select A Good Chinese Stainless Steel Casting Supplier?

Stainless steel casting is a custom investment casting manufacturing process that produce various stainless steel products by pouring liquid stainless steel into molds after dewaxing. The advantage of stainless steel casting over forging is that there is no limitation on the shape, in other words, no matter how complex the product is, it can be always made by stainless steel casting.

How to Select A Good Chinese Stainless Steel Casting Supplier

To produce superior quality stainless steel castings but low prices, it is a wise choice to select a good Chinese stainless steel casting supplier. If you are not familar with stainless steel casting, you may not understand what kind of stainless setel casting supplier is suitable for your products. You may just search many suppliers from internet and send a RFQ to them, and find the lowest one to deal with them. I think this is not a wise way to select a good supplier. Why? There is an old Chinese saying “Cheap things are not good.”So, please do not take price as the only factor when considering a supplier. You should learn more about the requirements of your products and the production process for them. For example, you have to verify if the potential stainless steel casting manufacturer can provide multiple services, such as design & engineering, tooling, casting, quality control, packaging and shipping providers. Like CFS Stainless steel foundry, once cooperating with our company, our customers can obtain one-stop manufacturing solution including post machining, surface treatment, shipping, etc.

The Benefits of working with a Chinese stainless steel casting Manufacturer is that buyers can save much money. As both the material cost and labour cost are quite high in Eourpean and American Countries. But for the distance difference, many customers from USA, UK, Australia, South Africa ,ect are not familar with stainless steel foundries in China. Some may even do not know how to import products from China. As one of the top leading stainless steel casting manufacturer and exporter, we would like to guide you how to select a good Chinese stainless steel casting supplier.

Firstly, you could check their products to find out if they have made the similar products before. If they did, then they will be more familiar with your products. This is very important. Secondly, you could check their workshops and equipments from internet. From the photos and equipment list, you should learn more about their capability. Of course, you must learn more about the suitable casting process and machining process for your products, otherwise, you will still be not able to see important information. As for the stainless steel castings, you should know what casting process is suitable for your products, such as stainless steel lost wax casting, stainless steel sand casting, etc. You can compare the quotations from several suppliers, then you will find out which casting process is most suitable for your products. In addition, the suppliers should have necessary inspection devices. Thirdly, you could start the cooperation from small orders, so you could increase your order volume little by little. This way could reduce your possible loss as lower as possible. It is a misunderstanding that only the largest factory is the most suitable for you. Some small factories can also make very good products as each factory has its advantage.

CFS Foundry has a long history in making stainless steel investment castings. We can supply and export custom stainless steel castings to companies in USA, UK, Canada, etc. If you have such project, pls get in touch with us, we will provide free quotation for you first!

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