Quotation Guideline

Once casting process is decided to make your new designed product. Request for quotation is the first step to start a investment casting parts. As a investment casting manufacturer, we well know what is needed when quotation. Of course, more information is better to state your requirements. Below we would like to discuss how to send a FRQ to an investment casting foundry.

  • Drawing or sample: For your precise cast component, when you contact an investment casting foundry, pls ensure the drawing or sample can be provided. By your detailed drawing, we can know the shape and all dimensions of the part. After receiving your drawing, the techinical department will first judge if the parts can be investment casted. If not, quotation will stop at this stage. Sometimes, our customers do not have a drawing, no problem, just pls send your sample, we can also quote and manufacture according to sample directly. But, you may say it is too costly to send us the sample for quoting, that is also ok, pls email us the sample picture with main dimensions marked.
  • Cast alloys: There are all kinds of cast alloys for investment casting. So you need to clearly state the alloy specification or alloy chemical composition to us. Material cost is different.
  • Weight: Although our engineer can calculate the weight from your drawing, but it will take much time to do 3D modeling, so if you have the weight information, pls let us know, this will greatly shorten the quotation time, thus to accelerate the purchasing procedure.
  • Heat treatment: It is common that some parts need to be heat treated for achieving certain properties after investment casted. If your product also has such request, pls indicate what kind of heat treatment is.
  • Machining: Precision machining will help to meet high precision tolerance and fit better, if you ask for machining casting blanks, pls send us the machining drawing, so that we can check the machining cost accordingly.
  • Other requirements: Also pls state clearly other requirements related to your investment cast parts, such as special surface treatment (color painting, powder coating, zinc plating, ect) and custom package,these will all affect the quotation.

Our team will review all the information, and may also ask for some other questions to ensure we provide you the best production solution at the lowest prices. When quotation, we will send you a quotation sheet including all the information regarding your part. Tooling cost, unit price, lead time for both sample and mass production, payment terms and other notes will be supplied for your reference. Besides, if you have any doubts or need, pls do not hesitate to put forward, we can discuss at this time. As a top investment casting foundry in China, our goal is to provide you our best service with reasonable prices.

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