PVD Coating for Stainless Steel Casting Project

What is PVD Coating?

PVD, short for Physical Vapor Deposition, refers to a thin film coating technique in which material is deposited on the stainless steel castings after mirror polishing by physical means under vacuum conditions. PVD coating technology for polished stainless steel casting is mainly divided into decorative coating and tool coating.

PVD Decorative Coating for Stainless Steel Casting

1. The purpose of PVD decorative coating is mainly to improve the surface decorative performance and color of polished stainless steel castings, while making stainless steel castings more wear-resistant corrosion to extend its service life. this kind of PVD coating method mainly applies to the various fields of the hardware industry, such as stainless steel casting of doors and windows hardware, sanitary hardware and other industries.

Available Colors: gold, rose gold, blue, dark black, gun metal, black, antique brass, etc.

PVD Tool Coating for Stainless Steel Casting

2. The purpose of PVD tool coating is mainly to improve the surface hardness and wear resistance of stainless steel castings, reduce the friction coefficient of the surface, improve the service life of polished stainless steel castings, this is mainly used in a variety of cast stainless steel tools and other products.

Available Colors: black gray, gold and silver gray.

Features of PVD Coating for Polished Stainless Steel Castings

Thickness: Thin thickness of PVD coating layer, with average of 0.1 mu m ~ 5 microns. The thickness of decorative coating layer is commonly 0.1 mu m ~ 1 mu m, so it does not affect the original size of the workpiece while improving the physical properties of stainless steel castings. So, no extra operation will be needed after PVD coating.

Hardness: After coating, the surface hardness of stainless steel castings is higher, which can improve the working performance and serving life. Titanium nitride (TiCN) coating has a higher hardness than titanium nitride (TiN) coating.Due to the increased carbon content, the hardness of TiCN coating increased by 33%, and its hardness ranged from Hv3000 to 4000.

Wear Resistance: Refers to the ability of a coating to resist wear and tear. PVD tool coating has better wear resistance than PVD decorative coating, but the cost is much higher. Besides, the colors selection is limited.

PVD Decorative Coating or PVD Tool Coating for Your Project?

When considering PVD decorative coating or PVD tool coating, it is important to understand the usage and working environment of the stainless steel casting part. If the part is for decorative purpose, then PVD decorative coating is suggested, and there is a wide range of colors selected. But when the cast stainless steel part has a good wear resistance requirement, then PVD Tool Coating is better.

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