Precision Casting from China Company?

What is Precision Casting?

Precision casting is a special casting process that generally does not require extra machining, such as investment casting, die casting, etc.

Precision casting is a casting method different from traditional casting technique. It can obtain relatively accurate shape and high precision castings. A common approach is: First of all, design and make mould in accordance with the requirements of product (can leave little or no allowance), using the pouring method to obtain original wax patterns; Secondly, repeat coating and sanding process on wax patterns, harden and dry shell; Then melt internal wax models for dewaxing, then to get the cavity; Fourthly, roast shell in order to obtain sufficient strength and pour right metal materials; Next, clean sand to gain high precision finished products. Finally, heat treatment or machining according to the requirements of products.

Process Design of Precision Investment Casting

Like general casting process design, tasks of precision investment casting process design in below:

1) Analyze the process of casting structure;

2) Select the reasonable process plan, determine the casting process parameters, and draw the casting drawing on the above basis;

3) Design the pouring system, and determine the module structure.

When considering above issues, the main basis is still the basic principles of general casting process, especially when determining the process scheme, process parameters (such as casting round corners, drafe angle, machining allowance, process, etc.), in addition to the specific data, and the design principle is exactly the same as sand casting.

precision casting

Precision Casting from China Company

As a representative company in precision casting industry in China, CFS foundry have obvious advantages to provide a more cost-effective solution for our customers. Our core competence:

Competitive Price:
We cooperate with the best material partner in China and can obtain a price discount in purchasing raw materials. So that we can get raw material advantage to provide most competitive price.

• Professional Material:
Our company employs highly skilled metallurgists who develop alloys. So We are more professional on material. We can provide wider range of cast alloys and can design innovative material to meet any technical requirement, which provide performance improvement on welding, wear resistance, better mechanical strength etc.

• Advanced Process:
We have the best large advanced semi-automotic production line with best production process. All precision castings from our China company can extend the serving life of products.

• Reliable QC:
We can provide full mechanical test repot and material testing report with global 3rd-party certification (such as SGS).

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