Investment Casting vs Die Casting

die casting

Casting is a method pouring melton metal into mold for desired dimensions. Investment casting and die casting are the two major types of casting. According to the advantages and disadvantages of each process, they are used to make different kinds of products. So how investment casting compares to die casting? Investment Casting Investment casting is also called precision casting, or lost wax casting. The process starts from creating a wax pattern like the shape of desired component. Attaching the wax…

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Investment Casting vs Sand Casting

Investment casting vs sand casting

Investment Casting and sand casting are two different metal casting methods of creating metal components both by pouring liquid metal into moulds. Because both investment casting and sand casting have their own benefits, so we can not say which is better, just for different application. As an investment casting manufacturer, we are often asked by our customers about the difference between investment casting and sand casting. Here is a article about the comparision of these two processes. Investment Casting Investment casting…

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Quotation Guideline

investment casting quotation guideline

Once casting process is decided to make your new designed product. Request for quotation is the first step to start a investment casting parts. As a investment casting manufacturer, we well know what is needed when quotation. Of course, more information is better to state your requirements. Below we would like to discuss how to send a FRQ to an investment casting foundry. Drawing or sample: For your precise cast component, when you contact an investment casting foundry, pls ensure the…

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Investment Casting Advantages

There are a number of different methods available for metal parts manufacturing, investment casting technology is one of the main process for such metal parts. With the development of investment casting, current investment casting process is more popular for its advantages, such as low cost, free design, no quantity limitation, etc. So investment casting is always the first choice when considering a production technology for a product. Below we will list out some main advantages of investment casting for better…

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