Investment Casting for Bicycle Frame Building Components

Investment Casting for Bicycle Frame Building

Investment casting, uses a lost wax process to create complex products with exceptionally better surfaces than sand casting process. With thousands of years’ history, it has been the most precision casting technique favored by bicycle manufacturers. In investment casting, the liquid material is allowed to be solified into its final shape while it’s hot and slowly cools in the mold. It is a copying process that can creat thousands or even ten thousands of pieces. Typical bicycle frame building parts…

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Cast Aluminum Dough Hook

Cast Aluminum Dough Hook Manufacturer

A dough hook is a mixer attachment which consists of a single hook which turns and folds the dough in the mixing bowl. The Dough Hook is used for kneading yeast dough such as: bread, coffeecakes, pizza dough, buns, pasta dough. Made from cast aluminum, the dough hook easily kneads bread and other dough with an absorption ratio greater than 50% on low and medium speeds. Installation is as easy as can be by raising it onto the mixing axle…

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Cast Aluminum Flat Beater

Cast Aluminum Flat Beater Replacement

What is Flat Beater? Flat beater is the most common mixing attachment for combining any mixture that has a normal to heavy consistency. Suitable for making cakes, biscuits, pastry, icing, mashed potatom, etc. As the flat beater is relatively intricate, it is produced by aluminum casting or stainless steel casting. Material: Cast Aluminum Cast aluminum is a specific light metal alloy that has gone through one of the several processes known as casting. Flat beat made from cast aluminum can…

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Aluminum Casting of Chair Legs

Cast Aluminum Chair Legs

Aluminum alloy has good casting property. Due to the low melting point (pure aluminum melting point 660.230C, aluminum alloy pouring temperature is about 730 ~ 750oC), it can be widely used in casting methods such as gravity die casting and high pressure die casting, which will improve the inner quality of casting, dimensional accuracy and surface smoothness and production efficiency. Due to the large latent heat of solidification of aluminum alloy, under the same weight condition, the solidification process time…

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Cast Aluminum Alloy ADC12 (A383)

ADC12 (A383) Aluminum Casting

ADC 12, the US equivalent grade A383, is a common cast aluminum alloy in China. This type of aluminum alloy is mainly used in die casting process for its lightweight, better corrosion resistance and high castability. Chemical Composition Material Elements ADC12 Cu Si Mg Zn Fe Mn Ni Sn Al Others 2.0-3.0% 9.5-11.5% 0.10-0.30% ≤3.0% ≤1.3% ≤0.5% ≤0.5% ≤0.15% 79.3-88.4% ≤0.5% Mechanical Properties Material Tensile strength Yeild strength (0.2%) Impact strength Hardeness Elongation ADC12 310Mpa 150Mpa 4J 75HB 3.50% Available…

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High Pressure vs. Low Pressure Die Casting For Aluminum Parts

High Pressure Die Casting

Die casting is an efficient way of manufacturing light metal parts for a wide of industries. High pressure die casting and low pressure die casting are the two common die casting methods for creating complex aluminum parts. So, if you are new to die casting industry, when deciding a proper die casting method, it is necessary to understand the main differences between this two processes. High Pressure Die Casting High-pressure die casting is the process of pouring the metal liquid…

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Low Pressure Die Casting

Low Pressure Die Casting Applications

Low pressure die casting is the die casting method by filling cavities with liquid metal under low pressure. It has been a common process used in our aluminum foundry to produce various cast aluminum parts in good quality. Low Pressure Die Casting Process  In low pressure die casting, low pressure, other than gravity, is used to to fill molds with light metal especially aluminum alloys. In this process, a tool or die is designed and manufactured to the required…

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Aluminum Casting for Lighting Parts

Aluminum Casting for Lighting Parts

As one of the leading aluminum casting manufacturers in China, CFS Foundry can customize high-quality cast aluminum lighting parts following your drawing’s specification. We provide a full solution of aluminum casting services for lighting parts for both outdoor and indoor use. With more than 30 years’ expenrience in casting aluminum lighting parts, we have won great reputation from our customers. Aluminum Casting Methods for Lighting Die Casting: Die casting is a great way to cast aluminum lighting parts. The finished…

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Convert Aluminum Sand Casting to Gravity Die Casting

Convert Sand Casting to Gravity Die Casting

When producing irregular cast aluminum parts with low volumes at a low tooling or start-up cost, sand casting is an ideal solution. However, once your product volumes increase, aluminum gravity die casting might be a better solution since sand casting requires a new mold for every casting. Gravity die casting applies a single mold made out of tool steel that can produce 100,000 pieces or more versus a brand new mold for every part when using the sand casting process.…

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When to Use Gravity Die Casting?

Why Use Gravity Die Casting

Gravity die casting is one of the right process to creat aluminum castings, which employs reusable molds made out of steel or iron. Gravity die casting is often recommended as an alternative to sand casting and high pressure die casting for aluminum components. Gravity die cast mold employs a reusable steel mold like high pressure die casting as opposed to a sand mold’s one-time use and can incorporate sand cores to create complex shapes with internal cavities and undercuts. Gravity…

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