Stainless Steel Casting for the Use of Doors & Windows

stainless steel casting for door and window

Stainless steel casting is appropriately named, as it is a type of steel casting that has a unique ability to resist stains and corrosion. Ten percent or more of stainless steel comes from the addition of chromium, which is what gives the steel casting its unique properties. The steel that is used to create stainless steel casting is a low carbon steel. One of the most unique abilities of stainless steel casting is its ability to heal itself. The chromium…

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Mirror Polishing of Stainless Steel Castings

Mirror polished stainless steel castings

Mirror polishing is the surface polishing treatment with a mirror finish. Mirror polishing of stainless steel casting is the process that first grinding stainless steel castings, then polishing to reach a shining surface like mirror. As the leading manufacturer of stainless steel castings, mirror polishing has become one of the most common surface treatment methods used after stainless sreel casting process. Mirror polished stainless steel castings are mostly applied for display application, food machinery application and others. Below, we will…

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China Foundry for Stainless Steel Castings

china foundry for stainless steel casting

Overview of Stainless Steel Casting Stainless steel is one of the main materials applied in steel castings. Compared with other steel castings, stainless steel casting shows special features and advantages, such as smooth surface finish, tight tolerances, affordable tooling, effcient production, and so on. Stainless steel casting process: Creating an original wax model same dimensions as the final shape, building the wax model with plaster and successive layers until a strong shell surrounds the model. After melting the wax, pouring…

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Steel Foundry

steel foundry

Foundry work is one of the oldest manufacturing methods in the world. The production of today’s foundry has become mechanized and automated, which saves lots of larbour cost and improves production efficiency for casting production. A steel foundry is a specialized steel casting manufacturing company that melts steel ingots into liquid status, pours it into a mold, and once it solidifies, removes the solid castings from the mold, and shot blasting, may well need some post treatments like machining and…

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Casting is the manufacturing way to form metal parts by using all kinds of casting processes. In casting, meIted metal will be pouring or injected into the prepared mold. Then solidified into solid metal shape while cooling under room temperature, finally sand or shot blasted to net shape product. History of Casting The melting ovens of the early Iron Age can partly be traced back to ceramic burning ovens. The model and mould building was mastered very well from the beginning.…

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Stainless Steel Casting Cost Analysis

stainless steel casting cost analysis

Before manufacturing of stainless steel castings, we need to first get agreement on pricing with our customers. Then a order can be confirmed and placed shortly. So, what is the reasonable cost of stainless steel casting? Today, we would like to do cost analysis of stainless steel casting. Normally the cost of stainless steel casting can be split into two sides. One is Tooling Cost, which includes the mold cost of stainless steel casting, and may also include the fixture…

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Stainless Steel Casting for Pipe Fittings

stainless steel cast pipe fittings

What is Stainless Steel Casting? Stainless steel casting refers to the precision casting process in stainless steel, other than other cast steels. Stainless steel is one type of cast steel with a minimum of 10.5% chromium content by mass. Stainless steel casting has the features of highly corrosion resistant and wear resistant, provides excellent machinability, and is well-known for its shining appearance. CFS foundry is the top stainless steel casting company in China utilizing silica sol casting process. We can manufacture custom…

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Investment Casting for Precision Cast Steel Parts

Precision Investment Casting from China

Cast steel is the steel alloys that are used in casting process. It can be classified into cast alloy steel, cast carbon steel, and cast stainless steel, ect. Cast steel is used when cast iron cannot deliver enough strength or shock resistance, and is the primary material type in casting process. Precision cast steel parts are actually the precision steel castings made in investment casting method. So what is investment casting? Why it can produce precision cast steel parts? Why…

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Tips on Buying Stainless Steel Castings from China Supplier

tips on buying stainless steel casting from china

One of the constraints in stainless steel casting often is the fairly high cost than other steel castings. This high cost makes it difficult, or in some cases even impossible, for some companies to compete or justify developing many products utilizing stainless steel castings aesthetics and superior mechanical strengths. However, if companies buy stainless steel casting from China suppliers, they can enjoy great price disaccount, much lower than from local suppliers. So more and more companies from UK, Canada, America,…

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Machining of Stainless Steel Castings

machined stainless steel castings

Stainless steel casting is one of the main steel casting types usually produced. In China, silica sol casting is the most precision casting process to produce stainless steel castings. Our silica sol casting method can achieve a general casting tolerance ISO8062(GB/T6414) CT5-CT6. One of the benefits of the casting process is the ability to create complex shapes and internal passageways within the mold that are not possible with machining. But in many cases, casting is not enough for some special…

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