Mirror Polishing of Stainless Steel Castings

Mirror polishing is the surface polishing treatment with a mirror finish. Mirror polishing of stainless steel casting is the process that first grinding stainless steel castings, then polishing to reach a shining surface like mirror.

As the leading manufacturer of stainless steel castings, mirror polishing has become one of the most common surface treatment methods used after stainless sreel casting process. Mirror polished stainless steel castings are mostly applied for display application, food machinery application and others. Below, we will use a case to introduce the mirror polishing process of stainless steel castings in detail:

stainless steel egg casting

Like other stainless steel castings, before mirror polishing, we will first need to produce casting blanks. Here, the shape of stainless steel cast part looks like an egg. Material required is 304 stainless steel. Once the mold is prepaid, the melton stainless steel will be poured into the mold, and under the cooling process, the egg is getting solidification. In this way, a solid stainless stee egg is produced. Then cutting the egg from the sprue gate for a single part and sand blasting to a finished cast part.

Most mirror polishing of stainless steel castings is mechanical mirror polishing, which consists of grinding process and polishing process, thus to reach the effect of shining finish like a mirror.

Mirror polished stainless steel castings

1) Grinding Process

The purpose of grinding is to obtain a smooth surface. At this time the grinding surface still has the extremely fine and uniform grinding mark. Grinding is divided into coarse grinding and fine grinding.

Rough grinding is the modification of rough surfaces and irregular shapes.

Fine grinding: After rough grinding, the surface of the stainless steel castings has deep abrasion marks. It needs to be removed in fine grinding and prepared for polishing.

2) Surface Polishing Process

The polishing process is to obtain the smooth surface shining like a mirror. Most using polishing wheel to polish the uneven small surface.

The ideal polishing surface of stainless steel castings should be flat, light, no mark, no relief, no pit, no metal disturbing layer like mirror surface.

CFS Foundry can not only supply stainless steel casting with mirror polished surface finish, we can also supply other surface finished according to our customer’s requirement, such as eletropolishing, brush finish, etc. If you have stainless steel casting project with such surface finish requirements, pls contact us for your manufacturing purpose.

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