Machining of Stainless Steel Castings

Stainless steel casting is one of the main steel casting types usually produced. In China, silica sol casting is the most precision casting process to produce stainless steel castings. Our silica sol casting method can achieve a general casting tolerance ISO8062(GB/T6414) CT5-CT6. One of the benefits of the casting process is the ability to create complex shapes and internal passageways within the mold that are not possible with machining. But in many cases, casting is not enough for some special shapes and dimensions. And post machining is preformed.

machining of stainless steel casting

Main factors that determine whether the stainless steel castings will be machined, include casting process, complexity, and dimensional and surface finish requirements.

Once the precision of stainless steel casting can not fulfill the required finished component, machining operations will be choosed. If the tolerances for dimension and size are too tight for the casting process, the feature or hole must be machined.

Machining can not only help to achieve more precise dimensions, but also the surface finish will be much better. Nicer surface finish is important in applications when the part is meant to create a seal with another component or assembly.

Extra cost of machining is added after stainless steel casting. Before machining, our engineers will design and produce multiple fixtures and jigs to machine different planes of a part. Additional time also is needed to complete the whole machining process.

Our Machining Service for Stainless Steel Castings

machined stainless steel castings

CFS has built a reputation on our ability to manufacture high precision stainless steel castings. Our specialized turning & milling processes enables us to manufacture machined stainless steel castings with intricate geometry and detail, while maintaining high precision and accuracy. Our machining shop is tooled to handle a variety of parts, from manual turning & milling to complex multi-task CNC machining services. Full software support allows us to manufacture complex parts that require precision milling, drilling, and turning. We offer the capabilities to machine products like machined stainless steel castings from several ounces up to 100lbs. With our advanced program management system we can provide you full services such as in house tooling design & fixture building to outside processes such as Electro-Polishing, Broaching, and Grinding.

CFS foundry aim to supply machining of stainless steel castings at the lowest possible cost. Our great machining solution allows us to control costs through efficiencies and reduced lead times so our customers can benefit from high quality, low cost speed to market products.

After finishing machining, our quality control staff will utilize a series of inspection instruments, like manual inspection instruments, gages as well as the latest in coordinate measuring machine(CMM) technology to measure and record dimensional characteristics. This ensures our customers always get the quality they want and ensure our machined stainless steel castings are all good.

If you look for stainless steel casting & machining service in China, pls contact us!

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