Investment Castings for Aerospace Application

Investment casting is a cost saving process to produce high precision, high durability components for aerospace application. With investment casting method, all kinds of metal components in different metal alloys are available, such as stainless steel castings, carbon steel castings, ductile iron castings, aluminum castings, etc.

investment casting for aerospace application

Why Investment Casting for Aerospace Application?

  • Investment casting is the most precision metal processing process, it can offer near or net near shape components for aerospace.
  • Comparing with other processes, investment casting is one of the cost-effective manufacturing method. So this kind of metal working way can offer high quality aerospace castings with low cost. Also, there is no limit on the quantity of products, even if a trial order, it is also feasible.
  • Aerospace industry require high precision, high durability parts, investment casting is the right process for such parts, also our heat treatment will also help to improve the properties of products.
    Thus to ensure the saftey and longer the serving life.

aerospace castingsTypical aerospace investment castings are:

  • Hydraulic fluid system components
  • Interior components
  • Landing and braking components
  • Exterior and interior sensors, motion control and actuation systems
  • Flight critical and safety components
  • Bearing cages
  • Cargo Systems

These aerospace castings require the absolute highest amount of engineering, production control and 100% visual inspection from wax models to final packaging.

Why CFS for Aerospace Castings?

An aerospace investment casting does not allow any error. So a professional investment casting company with rich experience is quite important. CFS company works closely with aerospace customers to design, create, finish, and test the castings, so that they can be well fitted.

  • All our castings are created with quality raw material. We have good cooperation with the best domestic material factory
  • From quotation inquiry and expedite request through technical support and final delivery, our Team’s responsiveness will exceed your expectations
  • Equipped with semi-automatic wax presses, 100% robotic shelling, an exclusive high speed infrared shell drying tunnel as well as 3D modeling capabilities, our quality aerospace castings will meet or even exceed our customer’s exacting requirements
  • Our NDT capability will ensure qualified products before delivery. Even if there is any quality problem after delivery, we will bear all the loss, and send replacements in the shortest time.

For more information about our aerospace capabilities, pls email ( or call us (0086-574-27851388), we will offer you our solution for your aerospace application in a cost & time saving way.

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