Investment Casting Stainless Steel Flag Pole Bracket

Flag pole bracket is a great metal hardware for all kinds of applications. It can be installed to your walls, your yard, your roof or even your truck with a flag pole bracket.

Made from cast stainless steel, the flag pole bracket always achieves high quality while working in outdoor environment, which can withstand even severe environment.

Investment Casting Stainless Steel Flag Pole Bracket

Material: Cast Stainless Steel

Cast stainless steel is made by pouring liquid stainless steel into a ceramic shell for achieveing a specific solid shape. The selection of cast stainless steel depends on the working environment of the flag pole bracket.

Due to the high level of chromium, at least 10.5%, flag pole brackets in cast stainless steel have good corrosion resistance. Even if a few decades later, the flag pole bracket will still have good appearance.

So, not only for flage pole bracket, it is also the top choice for other applications that require exceptional resistance to corrosion, such as marine hardwares, food machinery parts, etc.

Another advantage of cast stainless steel flag pole bracket over cast aluminum one is that, it has higher strength. Although cast aluminum flag pole bracket also has good corrosion resistance, but due to its low density, the strength is not as good as cast stainless steel flag pole bracket. So, although cast stainless steel is more expensive, it has longer serving life and does worth the additional cost. You will never need to change a new one after installing a cast stainless steel flag pole bracket.

Process: Investment Casting

The casting method suggested for producing stainless steel flag pole bracket is investment casting. Main investment casting process of stainless steel flag pole bracket include:

  • First, a pattern of the flag pole bracket that will be cast is created by injecting wax into a mold. The pattern is created as one piece.
  • Then, several wax patterns are compiled into an assembly known as a gating system or ‘tree’, which allows molten stainless steel to flow into the mould cavity later.
  • The assembly is submerged in high-grade ceramic slurry (the investment stage).
  • An additional coating of course ceramic particles up to 10mm thick are built-up while the assembly is still wet.
  • The wax is melted from the dry mould and leaves a thin-walled, hollow ceramic shell.
  • Moulds are fired to remove any remaining wax and add durability to the final mould, a step which can use temperatures of up to 1,000 degrees C.
  • Molten stainless steel is poured within the still-heated moulds. These are heated to allow for better dimensional accuracy and tolerances.
  • The cooled shell mould is broken or cut open to reveal the casting.
  • The final cast stainless steel flag pole bracket is finished after shot blasting..

Investment casting process is a ‘near net-shape’ process for stainless steel flag pole bracket, because the dimensional control over produced stainless steel flag pole bracket is excellent with investment casting. So, in where the dimensional correctness is key, investment casting process is prefferable over other ones.

In addition, investment casting gives stainless steel flag pole bracket a very smooth finish – reduce the secondary machining effectively and the associated time and costs when compared with other processes such as sand casting or forging.

Tips: How to Install Cast Stainless Steel Flag Pole Bracket

Installing on Cast Stainless Steel Flag Pole Bracket

  1.  Place the cast stainless steel flag pole bracket against the surface and mark the screw hole’s position, then drill 2 inch deep hole.
  2.  Tighten the screws to lock the flag pole bracket to the wall.
  3. Slide the flag pole slowly to the bracket.
  4. Lock the pole with the 2 butterfly screws.


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