Investment Casting for Stainless Steel Claw Anchor

Claw anchor, also called bruce anchor, is designed to take hold in soft and sandy bottoms and to prevent drift. Such durable claw anchors for marine boat are usually constructed by investment casting in high-grade stainless steel . These anchors have been molded and investment cast to have the good quality as the anchors used to secure oil rigs in the North Sea. When not in use, the anchors will stow easily on the bow roller of most boats.

Due to its simple construction, the stainless steel claw anchor is relatively inexpensive when compared to other styles of boat anchors produced by investment casting. Being the shape of an open claw, the design intent was to allow the anchor to tip in any direction when it reaches the bottom and still be able to set properly.

Investment Casting for Stainless Steel Claw Anchor

Stainless Steel Claw Anchor not only performs impeccably but it looks perfect as well. Cast from 316 Stainless Steel with mirror polished surface finish, it is the ultimate in both strength and appearance. Compared to galvanized steel, it shines in the sun while also being more corrosion resistant.

Why Investment Casting?

Investment casting is a lost wax casting process that can customize claw anchors in different sizes. The complete investment casting process is performed in several steps that require the use of the following components: molten metal, a wax mold, a metal die, ceramic slurry, a furnace or oven, and several finishing machines capable of undertaking shot blasting, grinding, and cutting functions, etc.

With investment casting, almost all types of small to medium stainless steel parts can be made. Investment castings are frequently used by the automotive, marine, military, medical and commercial sectors, as well as by the power generation and the aerospace industry. So, when selecting an ideal manufacturing process for stainless steel claw anchor, investment casting is suggested.

Intricate detail: Investment casting allows the production of stainless steel claw anchor with different shapes and sizes.

Eliminate machining: Stainless steel claw anchors obtained through investment casting typically don’t require post machining. The size accuracy of stainless steel claw anchor achieved after investment casting is good enough for the application of marine boats.

Minimal die wear: Investment casting causes minimal wear and dimensional changes to permanent mould that is used in the manufacturing process. This makes it fit to the needs of customers that require large production runs of claw anchors.

Excellent surface finishing: Investment castings typically display limited burrs and other unwanted excess metal protrusions along flash and parting lines. They also boast an excellent exterior quality following finishing.

High strength: This method permits the creation of high-strength stainless steel components, which proves especially useful in the creation of stainless steel claw anchors.

Why CFS?

CFS is an experienced investment casting foundry serves many companies all over the world. Customers select us to perform investment castings for their stainless steel components for the following reasons:

  • We offer excellent investment castings at very competitive prices and with good lead times;
  • We produce both stainless steel investment casting components for industrial and commercial purposes;
  • We possess the capability to manufacture investment castings using all stainless steel grades;
  • We strive to meet or exceed existing industry standards;
  • Our robust production capabilities enable us to meet the demands of different order volumes;
  • We provide inspections of both first piece wax molds and final investment cast stainless steel claw anchors;
  • Our customers can enjoy convenient transportation either by sea or by air once cooperating with CFS for claw anchor project.

Looking for a reliable investment casting supplier for your stainless steel claw anchor or other stainless steel parts? Pls contact us right now!

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