Investment Casting for Pump & Valve Application

In the manufacturing of pumps and valves, investment casting process plays an indispensable role as it lends itself readily to produce the very complex shapes of pump and valve components. When valve castings and pump castings are made by CFS foundry, the additional advantages of very close tolerances and consistent quality are obtained — important factors if the ever increasing demands of modern industry are to be met. The CFS range of investment casting materials permits selection of the appropriate grade of metal for each type of service, and thus pump & valve castings from our company offer the perfect combination of economical manufacturing and a high standard of service performance. As a consequence, many im­portant valve and pump manufacturers throughout the world cooperate with us for their casting needs.

Investment Casting for Pump & Valve Components

valve body castingWe can make investment castings for pump & valve application for hydraulic and pneumatic equipment including:

  • Impellers
  • Covers
  • Cap Regulators & End Caps
  • Valve Bodies
  • Valve Discs
  • Coil Housings
  • Bonnets

Commonly used pump and valve components are made from stainless steel casting, iron castings, or copper castings. In these castings, most of the investment castings for pump & valve components are stainless steel casting. Stainless steel is always recommended in this field because of its high corrosion resistance and great machinability. Compared with iron castings, cost of stainless steel castings are much higher for its high material cost.

Why Us?

CFS foundry provides investment castings for a large number of pump and valves. The investment casting process provides tremendous design freedom and allows us to create a wide range of shapes. We have good experience in investment casting process for pump and valve application, and can provide redesign service used in valve or pump design and production.

Our pump castings and valve castings are served for a broad range of industries, including: Aerospace, Agriculture, Construction, Mining, Nuclear and many others.

For our long history in investment casting, we can cast and machine pump or valve components in any alloy. That is to say, we can pour a pump or valve casting that meets all industry and/or application standards and exceeds your expectations. We pride ourselves on producing quality investment castings for pump and valve applications, no casting defects, high quality and good price. Give our customer best performance for selling or using. Besides valve & pump, we can also supply investment castings for applications in field of mining, agriculture, medical, etc. Contact us for a quote first if you have such a project, we will be pleased to start our cooperation from a trial order.

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