Investment Casting For Mining Application

investment casting for mining industryMining industry is one of the fields that investment casting is involved in (medical industry, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, etc). In our foundry, investment castings for mining application takes up about 30%. This data proves that investment casting plays an important role in the mining equipments manufacturing. Most of the investment castings for mining application exported are steel castings. That is why many companines for mining spare parts business purchase steel castings from China. Of course, CFS foundry can also supply other cast metal alloys such as iron, aluminum, etc in precision casting. We can produce mining investment castings for:

  • Articulating Truck.
  • Bulldozer.
  • Cable/Hammer Tractor.
  • Dragline.
  • Drills.
  • Haul Truck.
  • Loaders.
  • Excavator.
  • Crusher
  • More items

Why Investment Casting for Mining Application?

Investment castingmining investment castings is open for all complex shape components. We can use investment casting to make any shape of mining wear parts we like. With Investment Casting, a wide of cast alloys can be selected. However, die casting is only limited to zinc and aluminum alloys. In addition,Investment casting can offer high accuracy dimensional tolerance, which can help to save machining cost. Therefore, compared with other casting methods, investment casting is an economical method for manufacturing of mining equipment components, and the tooling cost is also affordable.

Why CFS?

  • Service: As extensive experience in producing investment castings used in the corrosive mining and earth moving industry. We can recommend unique chemistries and heat treatments, along with physical properties best suited for this harsh environment. Mechanical properties must be held to specific standards for applications such as drilling and tunneling.
  • Quality: From mold making to investment casting, machining & heat treatment, all the operations are finished in our own company or sister company. Equiped with strong technical team, we can supply high quality investment castings for mining application with quality assurance.
  • Price: With semi-automatic production line of investment casting process, the labor cost is saved. So we can always offer reasonable price to our customers. Thus to help them win more orders from the mining market.
  • Delivery: To protect investment castings from damage under long time shipping, we can supply custom package service. Located in Ningbo, China, we are enjoying convenient water transportation and save lots of freight cost for our customers.

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