Investment Casting for Medical Application

medical equipmentsLike mining industry, construction machinery, oilfield industry, medical machinery is also one of the main industries that our investment castings are served for. Investment Castings are used in medical related applications where the complex metal components are used. With our modern investment casting technique, CFS foundry can cast all metal alloys such as stainless steel, aluminum, etc

in precise dimensions. We can supply medical investment castings for:

  • Operating tables and other operating room equipment
  • MRI machines
  • X-ray equipment
  • Stretchers, wheelchairs and similar products
  • Injury stabilizing devices
  • Implantable components

Why Investment Casting for Medical Application?

medical investment castings

Investment casting offers a wide of material selection for medical application in several grades of steel and aluminum. Such investment casting technology use the lost wax method is able to to produce these parts with great accuracy. From mold making for each geometric details to excellent semi-automotive casting process controlled by computer, investment castings made for medical application will achieve great consistency with high quality. After casting, burrs will be removed for smooth surface. If required, post treatments like heat treatment, machining, surface coatings, will be applied for special demands.

In a word, investment casting is a efficient method for medical metal component. It can offer consistent parts in large production runs. This process can continue to cast these parts on a regular basis to hold inventory between minimum and maximum levels, ensuring the parts are available to the customer on a regular basis timely.

Why CFS?

  • Quality: Under the support of our advanced production process and strongth technical team, CFS is always supplying high quality medical investment castings to our customers around the world. Before delivering each batch of products, we will first send related testing reports to our customers for approval.
  • Service: From quotation, ordering, final delivery, we alway put our customer as the first position and consider everything for our customer, so that they can feel our sincerity and impressed service.
  • Latest Technology: Our latest investment casting technology is reflected in semi-automatic wax presses, 100% robotic shelling, an exclusive high speed infrared shell drying tunnel as well as 3D modeling capabilities, which can meet our customer’s exacting requirements. In addition, with in house tooling room and multiple investment casting processes; we have a very successful track record to supply investment castings.
  • Convenient delivery: Ningbo is the second largest seaport in China. By the convenient sea shipment, our foundry is the preferred choice to develop new castings for medical application. Our customers can enjoy lots of cost saving in shipment for our geographical advantage.

Request a quote today on medical equipment castings, or contact us for more information.

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