Investment Casting for Bucket Protection Wear Parts

Bucket Protection

bucket protectionWear Protection plays an important role in the mining industry, protecting the most important parts of earth moving and construction equipment buckets, providing additional protection in the toughest conditions.

Besides bucket teeth & adapaters, investment casting can also makes replacement wear parts for excavator and loader buckets include Sidebar Mounts, Corner Guards, Lip Shrouds, Heel Blocks, Wear Plates and Sidebar Protectors, which all assist in protecting and extending the life of the bucket.

Of course, all wear protection by investment casting is available in light duty through to heavy duty, to suit all types of OEM earth moving and construction equipments.

Why Investment Casting?

  • Investment casting is a custom process for various metal castings. This metal forming technique can produce all kinds of bucket protection wear parts with high quality alloy steel. And the heat treatment will help to strengthen the wear resistance, then to protect bucket from fast wear.
  • To keep normal working of excavator and loader buckets, these bucket protection wear parts need to be replaced on a regular basis. So cost of such bucket protection wear parts must be low. Investment casting is an economical production process. No matter small or large batch order, this process is all feasible.
  • Bucket projection wear parts will be assembled to the buckets, so the dimensional tolerances should be as accurate as possible. Investment casting can offer most precision dimensions for its advantages. When working, we do not need to worry about these wear parts will fall off.
  • Besides heel blocks, side cutters, wing shrouds, and lip shrouds, investment casting is available for other designed bucket protection wear parts.

Main Bucket Protection Wear Parts in Investment Casting:

Heel Blocks
Protecting the high wear corner edges on excavator and loader buckets, heel blocks are critical to the performance and life of machinery buckets. Heel blocks are available for all bucket sizes and are made from alloy steel investment casting with high abrasion resistance.

Sidebar Protectors
The bucket lip of your excavator or loader might be minimal between teeth, but it plays an important role in cutting through material. Without sidebar protectors, the leading edge of the bucket stays exposed and can quickly wear down and ultimately damage your bucket. Made from through hardened alloy steel and available in a range of sizes for various machinery.

Lip Shrouds
Cast Alloy Lip Shrouds provide maximum wear and protection for the bucket lips.

Corner Guards
Corner Guards protect high impact locations of the bucket extending life of the bucket.

Wear Plates
Mounted Wear Plates provide Extra Protection to the Bucket Wall.

As professional investment casting company, CFS foundry can customize a variety of bucket protection wear parts. We can supply any bucket protection wear parts with your drawing specification. Our custom solution can also suggest material innovation that is developed by our engineers for better performance. Looking for a reliable supplier, pls contact us.

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