Investment Casting for Bicycle Frame Building Components

Investment casting, uses a lost wax process to create complex products with exceptionally better surfaces than sand casting process.

With thousands of years’ history, it has been the most precision casting technique favored by bicycle manufacturers. In investment casting, the liquid material is allowed to be solified into its final shape while it’s hot and slowly cools in the mold. It is a copying process that can creat thousands or even ten thousands of pieces.

Investment Casting for Bicycle Frame Building Components

Investment Casting for Bicycle Frame Building

Typical bicycle frame building parts can be investment-cast are:

  • Head lugs
  • Dropouts
  • Seat clusters
  • Bottom bracket shells
  • Seat-stay and chain-stay bridges
  • Fork crowns

Investment Casting Material: Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is the right investment casting material to produce bicycle frame building components. Although stainless steel is a little more expensive than other casting material, it has a lot of benefits. It doesn’t rust, or at least not to any great extent. It is very stronger, while riders can enjoy the riding activity. It is highly resistant to wear, it doesn’t shatter and it resists heat very well. When it was first used the friction coefficients were not as good as cast iron and this convinces some that cast iron is still the right material.

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Investment Casting vs. Other Alternative Manufacturing Processes

  • Investment Casting: This is the most common method of making high quality bicycle frame buiding components.
  • Welding: This is also a common method, but intricate and time consuming.
  • Machining: Possible but not really used. Wastes a lot of material.

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