Investment Casting for Agricultural Application

agricultural machineryInvestment casting can be used to customize a variety of metal components for industries like Medical, Construction, Mining, Forestry, Automotive, etc. Together with other industries, agricultural machinery is also one of the main fields that investment castings are applied for. In our investment casting company, investment castings for agricultural application occupy about 20% of all the investment castings made. So we can see investment castings take an important role for agricultural equipments manufacturing.

We normally name “Agricultural Castings” as Agricultural Wear Parts or Tillage Tools. To maximize the accuracy of agricultural investment castings, such kind of products are designed and produced in precision investment castings. There are lots of advantages to import precision castings from China company, such as low cost, convenient delivery, good quality, etc. All these factors attract our customers to purchase agricultural parts from our investment casting foundry. CFS foundry can supply investment castings in materials with good wear resistance. More important is that we could make tillage tools with tungsten brazed or tiled. We can produce agricultural investment castings for:

  • Tractors
  • Harvesters
  • Planting equipments
  • Seeding equipments
  • Tillage equipments
  • And so on

Why Investment Casting for Agricultural Application?

In addition to some standard castings, such as bucket teeth & adapters, most of investment castings are custom metal parts. So no matter what kind of agricultural components you are looking for, investment casting is always the ideal manufacturing methods. We can make agricultural castings in any shape you like.

Amost all the agricultural components must be hard-wearing. With investment casting, we could choose metal alloys with good wear-resistance and corrison resistance. Most widely used cast alloy grades are ASTM 4140, ASTM 8630, AISI 1045, etc. Besides, heat treatment is also helpful to improve the hardness, then to add the wear-resistance of productions.

Some of the agricultural parts are with tungsten brazed. For such products, the surface where tungsten carbides will be brazed must be machined. We can leave just very little machining allowance, which will save both machining cost and time.

Why CFS?

  • First of all, we are the expert in manufacturing agricultural castings. We can supply custom solution on the basis of original design to extend the serve life of products, such as choosing better material, improve the old design, reduce machining operation, etc. All these services will help our customers to be more competitive in their market and win more orders.
  • Besides casting workshop, our company is also equipped with a brazing production line, which is specialized for making tungsten tiled castings for agriculture, mining & forestry industries. Our brazing capability is our obvious advantage over other investment casting compaines.
  • We can provide other value added services as well, such as machining, painting, heat treatment, ect. So we can deliver finished products directly.
  • Located in Ningbo, China. It is very convenient for us to ship investment castings for agricultural industry to our customers’ destination.
  • We promise not to supply similar products to any other compaines that may compete with our customers. This will protect our customers to better sell their products, and win more market share.

Therefore, if you are looking for a good supplier with competitive price in China, pls feel free to contact us. We will go back to you timely.

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