Investment Cast Stainless Steel Motorcycle Footpegs

Motorcycle foot pegs are the parts of motorcycle that allow a person to rest their feet during a ride. Foot pegs enhance stability, comfort and offer better grip and more riding comfort while adding style to your motorcycle. Stainless steel material resists rust and corrosion for adding serving life and durability. Due to the complex shapes of motorcycle foot pegs, they are made from stainless steel investment casting process.

Cast Stainless Steel Motorcycle Foot Peg

Investment Cast Stainless Steel Motorcycle Foot Pegs

Material: Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is essentially a low carbon steel which contains chromium at 10% or more by weight. It is the addition of chromium that gives motorcycle foot pegs unique stainless, corrosion resisting properties. The chromium content of stainless steel motorcycle foot pegs allows the formation of a tough, adherent, invisible, corrosion-resisting chromium oxide film on the surface of foot pegs. If damaged mechanically or chemically, this film is self-healing, provided that oxygen, even in very small amounts, is present. The corrosion resistance and other useful properties of stainless steel motorcycle foot pegs are enhanced by increased chromium content and the addition of other elements such as molybdenum, nickel and nitrogen.

Process: Investment Casting

Investment casting has become one of the preferred manufacturing methods for recreating delicate designs without any machining. It was first heavily used to create crowns and inlays for dentistry but was soon picked up by many other industries such as aerospace travel, automotive, sports goods, and the military. Investment casting of stainless steel motorcycle foot pegs can achieve below advantages:

1. Can recreate intricate designs

One of the primary reasons why investment casting is often the preferred manufacturing method is the fact that it can recreate stainless steel motorcycle foot pegs with different sizes and designs. The level of detail possible with investment casting is good enough for designers to choose as the best manufacturing method for motorcycle foot pegs. Even forward-thinking jewelry makers have started to recognize the benefit of investment casting.

2. Casts come out with smooth surfaces

Because of the process by which the mold is made by enveloping the master pattern with a slurry of refractory material, the stainless steel mototcycle foot pegs cast that come out of the mold come out with remarkably smooth surfaces. But for other cast stainless steel parts, some post-processing might still be needed for the metal casts to get them perfectly smooth, but they require much less time and work.

3. Good dimensional accuracy

Investment cast stainless steel motorcycle foot pegs have good dimensional accuracy, this will help to improve the fitment with motorcycle, and reduce post machining. The dimensional accuracy of investment cast stainless steel motorcycle foot pegs is the highest compared with other casting processes.

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