Investment Cast Abrader for Debarker Manufacturer

A Debarker is the equipment that can efficiently handle any diameter stem and various lengths and effectively separates wood suitable for lumber or chips from woody biomass. The debarker could be summarized as powerful and versatile. Such an effective machine can handle conventional pulp and sawmill logs, as well as extreme wood-rich diets. Normally, the debarker is capable of handling stems up to 12 metres in length and can handle stems as small as 30 mm in diameter.

The abrader, designed by debarker manufactures, is a cast steel piece made from investment casting process. Normally, a debarker involves multi pieces of steel abraders. To improve the working performance of the abrader, debarker manufacturers weld hardened tips on the corners of cast abraders. The tips of anti-abrasive material do most of effective work in operation.

Abrader’s Investment Casting Process

Investment Cast Abrader for Debarker Manufacturer According to the dimensions of the abrader, the proper casting process is lost wax investment casting process. Considering the cast steel adrader works in a cold climate, the suggested cast steel alloy will need to be “cold weather” steel, with Charpy Impact 20J under -40 Deg.

The steel abrader’s investment casting process begins with the production of a wax model by injecting wax into the mold, which has the same shape of the abrader. The wax model is attached to a wax tree, which is then used to begin the shell making process. Afterward, the wax tree is dipped into a liquid ceramic slurry and fine sand or stucco is applied to the wet surface. When finished, the mold is allowed to dry. This abrader of the investment casting process is repeated a number of times, which eventually results in a layered surrameic mold.

Before pouring the metal into the mold, the wax needs to be removed by heating the assembly into an oven under high temperature. Keep in mind that throughout this process, to prevent the liquid metal from solidifying before the entire mold is filled, the mold should be preheated to a specific temperature.

Once everything has cooled down, cut off the shell from the solid castings. The surface can then grinded and shot blasted to a net shape part.

Compared to other investment cast production, there exsits difficulty to investment cast abrader, as it is relatively long and thin, and casting weight up to 25kgs, it is easily to get deformed after casting, and has to be straightened.

Investment Casting Service in CFS Foundry

CFS Foundry has become the leading China casting company in different shapes. We developed tooling and process controls that allow us to manufacture parts as large as 60kgs. By using lost wax process, the model made from wax is eventually melted away during the casting process. This environmentally safe process allows us to have one of the lowest carbon footprints in the industry. Lost wax investment casting is a preferred casting method for companies who require environmentally safe products.

During the production process, the sales manager and engineer in CFS Foundry work closely with our customers not only in the design and tooling stage, but also in the process of investment casting a part. It is this comprehensive approach of choosing the right process, accurately designing the product, working collaboratively with our vendors on tooling and sampling and supporting their needs on site that contributes to the high degree of success we have with investment castings.

If we find investment casting process is not suitable for your item, we will also recommend a right process such as forging to produce effectively. Contact our foundry in China for your project right now!

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