How to Reduce Aluminum Die Casting Cost?

CFS Foundry is a leading aluminum die casting company in China. We have several techniques by which we can maximize the design of tools and components, but the production cost per part will be lower.

What Makes Aluminum Die Casting Expensive?

How to Reduce Aluminum Die Casting Cost

1.) Aluminum die casting production – aluminum die casting setup can cost you a lot depending on the complexity of the part because it requires many workers. Also, before starting the process, you need to melt the specified aluminum die casting alloy.

2.) Secondary operations – sometimes secondary operations such as deburring, machining, sanding, or hand finishing are required to achieve the specified part finish.

3.) Finishing – even after secondary operations, any additional finishing such as painting, plating, anodizing, or engraving is required, which increases the cost.

If you want to design and create a new component, consider aluminum die casting process because it is not just metal forming. By changing your thinking, you can reduce production costs. You can also skip some secondary operations to reduce costs because your shifting thinking causes you to produce parts that eliminate waste and some secondary functions.

The main reason why aluminum die casting is expensive is labor cost. Aluminum die casting is one of the most efficient methods of transforming raw material into a fine, finished part shape. This allows the designer to add features to the part that may not be necessary and make the process expensive or impractical.

If you do it right, aluminum die casting will become economical because one part can be designed to replace several components. Also, we can add other features to the casting. This will eliminate the secondary operations of milling, boring, reaming, and grinding, which will reduce expenses. With aluminum die-cast parts, you can skip assemblies such as swaging, riveting, turning, stamping, press fitting, and welding.

Other factors affecting aluminum die casting cost

  • The structure of the part
  • Material
  • Size tolerances specified
  • Surface finish

Tips on Reducing Aluminum Die Casting Costs

Before deciding on aluminum die casting, it is important to conduct a thorough Design for Manufacturing (DFM) review. If you want to reduce expenses, it is best to get CFS Aluminum Foundry involved as soon as possible. This will significantly reduce the cost of the parts. This review may require a numerical fluid flow analysis depending on the part’s complexity. The analysis will ensure that the desired part shape is optimized for the aluminum die casting process.

In addition to these expense reductions, you can also reduce the cost of the part through additional savings. These can include material reduction, improved tolerances, and good part-to-part consistency.

Likewise, in any other engineering process, if you do proper planning before you embark on the procedure, you will significantly reduce your costs and also speed up the actual production time.

If you want to know more or looking for assistance, please get in touch with us. This is high time to get started on your next aluminum die casting project with CFS Foundry.

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