How to Choose a Reliable Investment Casting Supplier?

When you are in need of investment castings, it is quite important to cooperate with a reliable company. So how to choose a reliable investment casting supplier? There are several matters need attention.

investment casting supplier

I. The Business Core of Investment Casting

An appropriate investment casting supplier should be selected according to its advantages. In other words, what kind of investment castings the factory is professional in producing. If the material of your investment cast part is stainless steel, then you should know that the investment casting foundry should focus on silica sol investment casting process, other than water glass investment casting. As water glass casting is mostly suitable for investment castings in carbon & alloy steel.

II. Trading Company or Manufacturer

In China, despite investment casting manufacturers, there also exsits some trading compaines. The buyer should get a deep understanding that if the contacted investment casting company is the manufacturer. The biggest benefit is that the manufacturer can provide you the most competitive prices. And once the order is placed, you can check the production status timely. Besides, you can also have a direct visiting to them to understand the investment casting process better. However, if the supplier is a trading company, the communication or language is the advantage for you to cooperate. But the price will be relatively higher. CFS foundry is the right manufacturer for your investment casting need in both water glass casting and silica sol casting. So we can offer all investment castings as required.

III. Investment Casting Output

Once the purchaser confirms that the potential supplier can produce high quality castings, the buyer should know the output as well. From the output, you will see if the supplier can supply you high volume in shorest time. If not, go for another supplier. The output of CFS foundry is around 9000t a year, so we have great confidence to finish large volume products fastly.

IV. Machining Capability

Sometimes, machining needs to be operated after investment casting. In this situation, it is necessary to know if the foundry can do machining as well. Machining in house can help our customers to save lots of cost and production time. If it is outsourced, it will be hard for the supplier to control the quality, also the cost is relatively high. CFS has its own precision machining workshop, our machining capability ensure us to supply finished investment castings to our customer.

V. After-sale Service

After delivering investment castings, it does not mean the cooperation is completed. A good after-sale service company will be reliable and can become long term business partner. Once you find the design is not so ideal, you can also ask the supplier to assit you to do redesign job according to their profession and experience, which will help you to save lots of energy and cost. With value added services, CFS puts all our customers as the first position, and try our best to solve all issues for our customers.

To purchasers, it is also not easy to choose a reliable investment casting supplier. Most of the purchasers may pay more attention on pricing, but in most cases low prices always give bad response to high quality. We, CFS Foundry, aim to offer our customers high quality products with reasonable prices. If you are looking for a good supplier, pls contact us.

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