How to Choose a Good Aluminum Casting Supplier?

The aluminum is one of the popular casting metals for industrial applications. Casting of aluminum alloys involves a puring process into the mold to form solid aluminum components. The common aluminum casting methods are die casting, sand casting, and gravity die casting. There are a wide selection of aluminum casting suppliers in the world, even in China, lots of aluminum casting foundries could be found. Each purchasing company would like to choose a good aluminum casting supplier at premium-quality and the best price. Here we provide simple tips to choose a right casting supplier.

How to Choose a Good Aluminum Casting Supplier

Main Factors While Selecting the Casting Supplier

When you are choosing the aluminum casting supplier, there are lots of factors to consider such as qualification, experience, process diversity, cost, client reviews and others.


Experience is one of the important factors to look when choosing a aluminum casting supplier. The experienced suppliers understand the products, terminology, and applications so they provide the best service. When sending your RFQs to several potential suppliers, you can have a clear comparision which supplier is more skilled.

Casting Method

As you may know that, there are 3 common types of aluminum casting methods: aluminum pressure die casting, aluminum gravity die casting and aluminum sand casting. So, it is necessary to know if the casting method of the supplier suits your design.

Product Quality

The reputed casting supplier provides the premium quality aluminum casting. You should check the product quality when selecting the casting suppliers. As aluminum casting is a custom manufacturing process, it is wise to start cooperation from an initial sample order. Only the sample quality is approved, the mass production order could be placed.


The cost is another important factor to look out. If there is no big difference on prices, consider an aluminum casting supplier who is more professional. Never to consider a supplier who attracts you by the lowest price, remember that high quality costs money.

Check Certification

Check the certification and testing of the product. The supplier should have the proper certification such as PED, ASME, and others. You can check the certification from the official website of the supplier.

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