How to Avoid Aluminum Die Casting Defects?

How does Aluminim Die Casting Work?

Aluminum alloy is the sturdiest materials for its gloss in the market today. In die casting process, tooling service is applied in various applications and industries to manufacture high-quality aluminum castings with close tolerances and excellent surface finishes.

At CFS Aluminum Foundry, our high-quality tooling and molds can ensure longer serving life and eliminate replacement costs. As a group of highly skilled designers and engineers, we are always focus on providing our customers with cost effective aluminum die castings and services with the best performance and reliability expectations.

Casting precision and consistency are qualities necessary for low and high volume jobs. Our value-added services give us great confidence to serve for any industry. United with our extensive set of die casting technique, you will be able to obtain the right product, what’s more it will be delivered in most resonable cost and fastest time.

How to Avoid Aluminum Die Casting Defects?

Aluminum die casting

Aluminum die casting can be done in a custom way, that is to say, our aluminum die castings are produced on the requirements and drawings from the customers. We prefer 2D drawings, 3D drawing is also needed for complex products. Original samples provided by the customers is also very useful to our study and production because these can help to solve technical issues and correct assemliy. This simply means that old samples are very helpful to aluminum foundries like us.

There are all kinds of methods to melt aluminum alloys for die casting. The using of channel and coreless induction furnaces may cause defects in the aluminum die casting. Aluminum alloys can be fired by fuel oil or natural gas or electric radiation and resistance, so it is very important to choose the furnace. Below are the main situations that degradation often results in the melting and casting process:

Firstly, when the temperature and the time set are wrong. In this case, the hydrogen absorbs often results in the increase of hydrogen dissolved which can affect the specific composition. It can also result in the loss of oxidation as well as formation of the complex oxides.

Second is when time and temperature are not properly set, then there is high reactivity and low pressures of vapour which thus affect the mechanical properties in aluminium die casting. Aluminum alloys are dependent of the soundness and proper die casting.

When our customers plan to purchase aluminum die castings. To avoid defects, they should do the following:

First, it is necessary for our customers to send detailed drawings with full requirements as well as other related information about the product such as the unit weight, the tolerance as to whether it is machined, fine or rough, the dimensions for both rough castings and the finished parts, the hardness and the strength of the materials, the surface coating, and the heat treatment.

Secondly, our customers should also understand the factors which may greatly affect fluctuation of prices. Also consider the price of the materials and the currency exchange rate for this purpose.

The proper and correct die casting requirements can eliminate defects. If die casting is sound, it can also minimize shrinkage and make the finished products refined. It can improved the feeding characteristics, tear resistance, mechanical properties, pressure tightness, thermal treatment and the product appearance in which electrochemical, chemical and mechanical finishing are properly followed.

Aluminum die casting takes a very important role in the growing of aluminum industry. Although in the past, aluminium products made from die casting are only limited to cooking utensils and some decorative parts but in nowadays, aluminum die casting is used to produce different types of products for all industries.

CFS Foundry can make aluminum die castings in all aluminum alloys. With high pressure die casting process, we can supply custom aluminum die castings following our customer’s drawing specifications or samples. As the specialist in die casting field, we are always keeping good relationship with our customers for our high quality and reasonable prices.

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