Gravity Die Casting Applications

Gravity die casting is one of the oldest casting methods for producing custom metal parts. In gravity die casting, metal material is heated under a high temperature until it is totally molten. After melting the metal, it fills the mold cavity fastly by gravity only, no other external force needed. Compared with other casting processes, the operation of gravity die casting process is relatively simple.

Gravity Die Casting ApplicationsAt CFS Foundry, we mainly use gravity die casting to create cast aluminum parts for various applications. With the development of gravity die casting techique, the current gravity die casting production has become automatic, which improves the production efficiency greatly, while still maintain low cost. CFS’ gravity die casting process can help you to achieve parts with excellent dimensional accuracy, superior surface finish, and enhanced mechanical properties. Based on the rich experience in gravity die casting, here we would like to introduce the common applications of gravity die casting in detail.

Common Gravity Die Casting Applications

Automotive Industry

Gravity die casting is widely used in automotive industry to create components that require high strength and durability. CFS Foundry has the ability to produce gravity die cast parts for automotive industry with tight tolerances and excellent surface finish. Common automotive parts produced by this method include: cylinder heads, engine blocks, wheel hubs, transmission parts, and various housing parts.

Electrical and Electronics

Gravity die casting can also be found in the electrical and electronics industries for producing parts, which require high thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity.CFS Foundry uses gravity die casting as part of our manufacturing process to create functional yet visually appealing parts necessary for consumer electronics products. Typical examples of gravity die cast components for electrical and electronics industries are: heat sinks, enclosures, connector housings and other parts.

Marine Industry

Due to the superior corrosion resistance and high strength of gravity die cast parts, they are commonly used for marine industrial applications. Gravity die casting can produce marine components such as propellers, pump housings, and various engine parts. CFS Foundry offers custom solutions needed specifically for marine environments in order to guarantee durability and performance over time.

Aerospace Industry

Gravity die casting offers the aerospace industry an efficient method for producing lightweight yet strong parts, which are with complex shapes and thin walls that still maintain structural integrity. This technique can produce components like compressor blades, gearbox housings and various structural components from aircraft. CFS Foundry is an experienced gravity die casting manufacturer, we can provide precision quality assurance within our die casting operations in meeting these stringent industry demands.

Medical Devices

Gravity die casting can produce precise and reliable components for medical devices. Some parts made from this method are like surgical instruments, equipment housings, and orthopedic implants. Gravity die casting has the ability to offer a high quality surface finish and meet the strict tolerances, making it a preferred solution for medical device manufacturers. Medical device parts made from CFS’ gravity die casting process can meet even beyond the rigorous standards of the medical industry.

Architectural and Construction

Gravity die casting has long been used by architects and construction specialists as an efficient method for producing decorative elements, hardware components and structural parts that combine aesthetic appeal and functional performance requirements. CFS Foundry utilizes its casting expertise to deliver products which fulfill both requirements.

Advantages of Gravity Die Casting by CFS Foundry

High Dimensional Accuracy and Surface Finish

Gravity die casting at CFS Foundry offers many advantages over sand casting process, particularly its precision of dimensions and excellent surface finish. These advantages make this method particularly suitable for parts that require close tolerances with smooth surfaces and minimum post-casting machining operation. Its fine grain structure also contributes to aesthetics as well as functionality of cast parts.

Versatility in Materials and Applications

The gravity die casting process at CFS Foundry can make parts in various metals, including aluminum, zinc and cooper alloys. This versatility of gravity die casting enables us to make castings for various applications, from automotive and aerospace components to medical equipment. Each material has its unique advantages, and the selection of gravity die cast metal should follow the properties of the alloy. We can also recommend a right material for our customers.

Enhanced Strength and Durability

Components made from gravity die casting can obtain enchanced strength and durability. In this process, the molten metal cools slowly in the mold, which brings a more uniform microstructure. And the T6 heat treatment after casting can help to improve the strength effectively. CFS Foundry has both casting and heat treatment capabilities to fulfill the special properties required for critical applications.

Cost-Effectiveness for Medium to High Volume Production

Gravity die casting is very cost-effective for medium to high volume production runs. While the initial mold cost can be relatively high, the durability and longevity of the mold make it cost-effective over time, especially for large production runs. The process also minimizes material wastage, further reducing costs and enhancing environmental sustainability.

Reduced Post-processing Requirements

Due to the high-quality surface finishes and dimensional accuracy, the need for post-processing operations after gravity die casting is significantly reduced. This reduction in machining, polishing, or other finishing processes not only saves time but also reduces additional costs, making CFS Foundry to deliver finished components more efficiently.


The advantages of gravity die casting makes it highly used for different industrial applications. The gravity die casting process at CFS Foundry allows for the development of complex shapes and designs that might be challenging to achieve through other casting methods. If you are looking for a reliable gravity die casting company in China, pls contact our foundry for a fast quote!

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