CFS has its own precision investment casting foundry in Ningbo China, we can produce and export high quality investment castings at competitive prices for grobal companies from America, UK, Canada and Australia, etc.

We are a fully equipped investment casting foundry, we have completely in-house casting and machining capacity, proceed from mould design to wax pattern assembly, shell making, pouring, cutting, sand blasting, heat treatment and machining. We can build creat rough castings and machined investment casting from 0.05kg-70kgs.

Currently we have around 150 experienced investment casting and machining makers employed, these workers are the best casting and machining technicians in investment casting industry, they take pride of their job, we believe people are the key of a business success, a professional and stable team are the foundation of high quality work, promises to customers satisfaction.

Management and services
All our investment casting manufacturing projects are managed by sales rep, project manager, quality manager, we have very professional investment casting engineers with good language skill to work close with, with their help, the best investment casting solutions will be provided to your companies, latest process of your project will be accessible easily.

We have mature cooperation relationship with some of the best international logistic carriers in China, we provide customers many options of delivery term in a timely and safely manner.

Customer Feedback: Why I Seek Investment Casting Foundries in China?

I have been contacted by quite a few investment casting factories in China, but out of maybe 4 or 5 that sort of stand out. I am not going to make a decision until I travel to Ningbo and visit the investment casting foundries. All I can tell you is that laws of physics do apply all over the planet, and there is a limit to precision no matter where the parts are cast.

My experience has not been very positive dealing with American investment casting companies, they seem to have problems quoting because they think I will shop them. At this point that is not the aim, I am trying to find foundries capable of doing the job first. But giving you the job is not going to be automatic because you are an American company. So far I had better exchanges with Chinese investment casting manufacturers like CFS foundry, they seem to try to be friendly and welcoming to make a tour in the foundry, and seem to be really interested in working with me. I have been to China before several times, and I don’t mind working with them as long as ground rules are established. I am well aware of the concept of “target price” at which you will get the price but not the quality you are seeking.