Find a Custom Stainless Steel Casting Manufacturer

Stainless steel casting is a casting process that can have many benefits across industries as diverse as automotive to oil and gas to food equipment. The stainless steel casting process can help your business lower costs while getting parts that are designed just the way you need them. Here are a few of the benefits you can expect to receive through experienced stainless steel casting manufacturers:

Find a Stainless Steel Casting Manufacturer

More design flexibility – At CFS, we have an infinite choice of stainless steel casting grades, which gives you the flexibility to configure your cast the way you need it. This even includes very complex shapes or hollow section parts, helping configure it in a sturdy and repeatable way. This flexibility also comes with the ability to make changes more quickly with a shorter time from the design time to seeing a finished product.

Manufacturing flexibility – With stainless steel casting, we can choose among different chemical compositions depending on the engineering requirements of the job. More than any other cast metal, cast stainless steel offers a wider range of physical and mechanical properties that are possible, helping provide added versatility to allow the stainless steel cast to be designed for any job.

Repeatable casts – Unlike welding, which can be difficult to create streamlined or repeatable shapes, stainless steel casting allows for a more streamlined approach. This is because a mold is created, making the process more repeatable and efficient when creating multiple casts.

Variable weight ranges – Stainless steel castings can be created from a wide range of weights depending on what is needed. For example, a precision cast weighing only a few grams can be created, or a larger stainless steel casting that weighs many kgs is possible.

When you are searching for a precision stainless steel casting manufacturer, you need a company with a proven track record across many different industries. At CFS, our leadership team has more than 20 years of combined experience in stainless steel casting field and post treatments, meaning we have seen and done just about everything.

When you are looking for stainless steel casting experience that is especially adept at custom service, it makes sense to look at the type of industries they work with and create molds for. The broader the experience, the more versatile the manufacturer as creating stainless steel castings that fit your needs. We provide stainless steel castings for industries such as: Food Machinery, Doors and Windows, Oil & Gas, Power Generation, and much more.

Another important trait for a stainless steel casting foundry is the control over the entire process, from start to finish. This starts with design flexibility, being able to offer options when it comes to alloys to use, which can impact the configurations and strengths of the cast. It also means being able to design for even the most complicated custom molds, such as those with complex shapes or hollow section parts.

In order to reduce lead times and create a smooth, responsive system, you need to find a stainless steel casting manufacturer that has its own foundry. Our foundry is located in Ningbo, China (second largest harbor city), which allows us to offer outstanding pricing, high-quality castings, and excellent customer service. Our foundry features an experienced workforce that allows for real-time sharing and collaboration.

These faster lead times allow us to produce low, medium or high volume production runs faster and less expensive than our competition. All of our focus is spent on delivering quality products as quickly as possible, and at the most affordable price, we can.

Control over the entire process allows for maximum flexibility and adaptability when it comes to designing and creating custom molds for our clients. We offer this along with a world-class pricing structure and a seamless supply chain that reduces the cost of ownership for our clients.

Finally, when you are looking at custom stainless steel cast part, it’s important to get quicker feedback. Our 7×24 hours service allows us to reply our customer’s inquiry in the first time, and once ordering, we can finish first samples within 15 working days. This helps our clients to see the samples shortly, and deliver mass production goods smoothly. Thanks to our good quality, competitive prices and impressive service, we are always keeping good business relationship with our customers.

At CFS foundry, we look to partner with our clients to provide the custom stainless steel castings that they need to sustain and grow their business, no matter the industry. Contact us today to request a quote for your project, and let us know what type of custom stainless steel castings your business needs.

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